Part 2


Greetings and welcome again

I hope you gave a lot of thought to our opening statements in the ARCHE PERSPECTIVE. Perhaps you were able to change some things in your life-knowing you can. Knowing you are a powerful, divine being.

Perhaps you still need help in bringing about all the changes you want in your life. Our students in the Saturn programs have learned how to change whatever they want—without fail!

Some of you live too far away to attend classes and we had to find another way to help you change your life.

If some of the following questions still apply to you, we can now help you solve the problems—without fail!.

Is there too much stress in your life?

Need your health improved-NOW?

Need a job, or a better position?

Would you like to have your own home ?

Stop money worries?

Are you looking for a great relationship?

Are you longing for a peaceful life?

Would you like to help others?

Would you like to be certain of your own spiritual furture?

For many people these requests seem so far out of our reach and we think

If there was a way……


If I could only……


The Universe has always held the ways and means to our success, good health and happiness and to our spiritual freedom. Most people never learned to tap into the vast universal source of their personal power.

Others did-and they are not only controlling their own lives, but most of the planets wealth and decisions as well.

If you want to be able to control your life and access all of what the Universe has to offer, please call Linda at


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