Inspiration – March 2013



Life’s challenges force us to think in new ways.  We may not like where we find ourselves at that moment, but we are forced to move out of our comfort zone and think “out of the box.”  Look at that term.  It implies we’ve limited ourselves in some way, which is what the habit of daily life sometimes produces.  But the reality is that we are the soul, an infinite spiritual being connected to the universe and sometimes the universe gives us a “push” to open ourselves up to a fuller expression than what we were allowing.  I know change isn’t easy, and our subconscious resists it, even if it will improve our lives.  Yet change is inevitable for the universe we live in is constantly growing and changing; so are we.

So how do you keep your life together if so much around you seems to be falling apart?  You are the cohesive force in your life; you, the soul, are the center of your life.  Consciousness makes the difference.  As the soul, you have a conscious connection to infinite peace, power and wisdom.  But most of our time is spent following our subconscious, our inner child.  We are unconscious most of our life.  I don’t mean asleep.  I mean we have a lack of awareness during most of our day and by default, our subconscious is left in control.  Obviously, this isn’t the best idea since our subconscious is like a child with a limited reasoning ability, while our soul is connected to the wisdom of the universe.  We need to wake up more often and use our wisdom to think more creatively.  So when life becomes stressful, our subconscious knows it can turn to us to find peace, guidance, support and comfort.  Meditation, thinking clearly about who we are, where we are in life and where we want to go, will open us up to a greater awareness and help us move forward.

Change forces us to wake up and look at our life.  Quite often, we never would have left that job or relationship that wasn’t really working for us anymore if we hadn’t been forced to move on.  If we’re able to look at change as an opportunity, we’ll be in a better position to see what choices are available to us.

The subconscious’ first reaction will be emotional.  It may feel afraid or overwhelmed.  You must take control and literally have a talk with yourself reminding your subconscious that you will get through this.  You’ve gone through changes in the past that made you get stronger.  And you probably learned a lot from those experiences, life lessons that you can draw on now.

Your perception of life during a change makes all the difference since you create your life with your thoughts.  When your soul takes charge, you’ll be more in control and better able to bring peace to your life versus your subconscious who will always react more like an emotional roller-coaster.  Your soul is capable of seeing a solution or at least the next step; your subconscious is the worrier who can’t move forward without your help.  When you remember you are a powerful, spiritual being and view your life from that point of view, you’ll transform your subconscious’ emotional response from worry and anxiety to calmness and relief.  If you stay true to that pure vision of yourself, and honor and support the best within you, this change will bring you a fuller, more creative and rewarding expression than you’ve ever had before.

This is your time to move beyond your habits and discover something new about yourself.  It’s about self-realizations and new beginnings.  You get the chance to reinvent yourself, looking at your strengths and attributes that you can build on.  Reflect on the best within you.  What are you good at?  What are you most passionate about?  If you could earn a living doing anything you wanted to, what would it be?  You may stay in the same profession with a new twist on how you’ll carry out that position or you may do something completely different, something you’ve always dreamed about but never put into play.  Be flexible and open to new ideas, new ways of looking at life.

Learn from your past experiences letting go of what didn’t work or what you didn’t like and make a list of what you do want; in a job or a relationship.  Literally write it down.  Your soul is expansive and creative, but your subconscious is a visual being who needs to see the specifics of what you’re thinking.  Once you’ve thought your idea through, see the end result as already accomplished and visualize yourself in this new experience.  Your soul is the creator of your life and when the soul gets clear on what it wants and gives a clear command, the subconscious hears the request and the universe provides.

So remember, change is an opportunity disguised as a challenge.  Wake up and see clearly.  Make time for meditation and self-reflection and then have the courage to follow through on your insights; exert your will.  Remember your connection to the wisdom and peace of the universe and use your soul’s consciousness to help your subconscious let go of worry and anxiety.  Then take life one day at a time, opening yourself up to the beauty that surrounds you, even in the midst of change.

Check our schedule for classes that will help you go through your changes.  The Arche CDs and my book, Rescue Your Soul, offer great stress management techniques and inspiration to keep you motivated.  Visit the Arche Facebook page for some amazing meditations to increase your consciousness and remind you of your power.  With all the support we offer, as well as what you’ll discover within you, you’ll find you are not alone.  You do have the power to change your life.

Wishing you empowering insights to transform your life!

Sandy Daliege




 Relax and Be At Peace.

Bring Your Awareness to The Divinity Within You

And Surrender to The Freedom of Your Divine Light.

Become Centered in The Stillness of Your Being.

Let All Other Thoughts Gently Fade Away

As You Release Yourself from The Constraints of The World. 

~ You Are Free ~

From This Point of Freedom,

Experience The Magnitude of Your Divine Being.

Reflect on Your Worldly Existence and Observe Your Daily Life

Remembering The Power of The Universe

That Flows Through You.

In Every Moment of Time and Timelessness, You Are God.

Allow My Love to Help You on Your Journey.

For I Exist in Every Cell of Your Being

And At Every Moment I Breathe Through Your Expression.

Do You Allow It?

Open Your Awareness To Your Divine Existence

And Allow The Power to Flow Through You.

Live The Reality of Your Divine Being. 

~ The Universe Is Calling ~

Will You Answer The Call To Awaken Your Highest Expression? 

My Lord, 

~ Watch Over Me and Guide My Hand

Throughout My Existence ~

~ Sustain Me in My Hour of Need That I Remain Strong ~

~ Inspire Me That I May Have The Wisdom to Inspire Others ~

~ Deepen My Serenity That I Remain Grounded

In My Foundation of Inner Peace ~

~ Clear My Vision That I May Express

The Clarity of Your Universal Truth ~

~ Light The Flame of My Divinity

That I May Spark The Divine Flame Within Others ~

~ Wrap Me in The Healing Power of Divine Love

That I May Share With Others

The Comfort and Compassion of Your Divine Embrace ~ 

For You Are The Resolution of My Life’s Journey

And In Your Arms I Am Set Free.

~ I Surrender ~

Sandy Daliege