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Did you ever notice how many more times you have to urinate after drinking soda, alcohol or too much coffee? Some of these substances are so toxic to the body, that the body not only uses the fluids we are drinking the substance in, but additional essential body fluids to flush them out as fast as it can.
This depletes the body of essential fluids and causes potential health problems. In other words, these “drinks” do NOT provide hydration for the body, they actually rob it of fluids, in addition to causing other chemical damage to our organs.
Having discharged too much fluid, the body signals us to replace the fluid. We feel thirsty. When we feel thirsty, we are already dehydrated.
Unfortunately, in this society, we often try to replace our fluids with the same sodas, juices, alcohol and coffee that caused us to be dehydrated in the first place. In our effort to quench our increasing thirst, we drink more and more of these addictive and highly toxic substances.
The results over a period of time of this kind of dehydration and toxic accumulation are often damage to our digestive system, our liver, pancreas, kidneys, bladder and even to our lungs and heart. In addition, our addictions to some of these substances affect our nervous system and diminish conscious function when we don’t supply the toxins we are craving.
How sad – and dangerous – when we could avoid this whole cycle by drinking lots of clean water. This will also flush out already present toxins, improve our overall health drastically and save us tons of money, even if we drink bottled water!      Why not test these suggestions for two months and watch your skin glow, your body thrive, your sleep improve … well, you know what I mean. Just do it!

To your health …