CD Title and Description Price
Principles of Consciousness – A clear and concise explanation of what consciousness is and how the different levels of consciousness interact, including the High Self. Demonstrates how to communicate with our subconscious and how to program it to follow your orders. $15.00
Relaxation and Pain Release – Important information on relaxation and how it affects our health – An exercise designed to completely relax the body and renew energy – A completely safe technique for eliminating most pain without the use of medication. $15.00
Stress Control – How to control stress using practical solutions and methods. Learn to solve problems objectively instead of feeling helplessly submerged. $15.00
Meditation – Inspiring meditations for beginning and experienced meditators include – “Ascending Into the Light” and “Radiating Divine Love”. Defines the purpose of meditation, its practice and spiritual aspects. $15.00
Dependency – Dependencies can damage our self-image, inhibit our growth potential and keep us on endless guilt trips. Learn how and why dependencies exist, how they rule our lives and what we can do about them. $15.00
Health and Healing – No, you don’t have to be sick! By knowing what really causes illness, when and why you may be more susceptible, you can heal yourself most of the time or even prevent disease. Understanding and solving the underlying cause of illness helps you to get well and stay well. $15.00
Subconscious Age Levels – Understand others instead of judging them. By learning the development of the subconscious, you’ll gain insight into people’s reactions, temperament, and personality. $15.00
Relationships – Establish better relationships at home and work by understanding how relationships work and why some do not. Eliminate negative relationships and match people to jobs, environment, and partners. $15.00
The Promise – An inspirational CD explaining the true meaning of this Age and the steps to reaching the spiritual goals and promises of this very special time. An outstanding source for meditation. $15.00
At the End of the Rainbow – A companion to The Promise defining where the race of mankind stands at the moment and what to expect in the near future. A psychological and spiritual journey into tomorrow with suggestions and inspirations for physical and spiritual survival. $15.00
Special Memorial to Rev. Tony Agpaoa – Rev. Tony Agpaoa was a legend even while he was among us. He healed thousands of people and touched the hearts of many. These special memorial tapes include a history of Rev. Agpaoa’s work, stories and anecdotes, meditations in his voice, the secret mantra, the real purpose behind his life’s effort, and some of his beloved music. (A 3-hour recording on 4 CD’s) $50.00
The Christmas Story – The real meaning of the most beloved and most inspirational story ever told. In this esoteric meditation, the soul transcends the physical story and realizes its own part in the birth of Christ. A 30-minute CD beautifully set to inspirational Christmas music. $10.00

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