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Dear friends of Arche,

When Gary Maholic of Pennsylvania, our computer specialist, set our website up to bring you the blogs about our Universe and our place in it, we never realized what a difference it would make for our readers.

We have received great comments from you and there will be much more to come. Our postings were interrupted by circumstances beyond our control, but we are back, hoping you will participate again.

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Dear Friends of Arche,

We have covered some of your E&E on this planet, but there is much more.

By far the most important area of E&E is relationships. This was not even on our list when we just wanted to feel the sunshine or taste a strawberry. It came into play long after we had already incarnated. Animal reproduction was simple.  A mating ritual  programmed by nature produced the next generation of animals. Some animals stayed together for a while, some did not. A few  stayed for life. Some shared in raising their offspring, some did not. The different species evolved their lifestyles and their communities and continued to live happily within their established boundaries and within Universal Law for their polarity.

Then came our incarnations, which occur when the human animal draws it’s first breath. The SC follows it’s normal program, but the conscious incarnate begins to change the animal life almost immediately. By the age of 7 years it can reason consciously and independently and survive. ( other animals can often survive much earlier on their programmed pattern, without having to reason). By then the difference between the SC & C is very clear. The two levels can even carry on limited conversations .When we observe this in our young children, we often think they talk to a little imaginary friend.. However, the friend is real and continues to be a part  of the rest of our life.

Early man talked to their SC and their High Self throughout their entire life. It is how the race developed collective ideas of living, formed groups, societies and, finally, civilizations. In doing so, they had to communicate with other humans and formed bonds. They also formed familial bonds and accepted  roles for their existence. The woman took care of  home and family, while the man found caves or other spaces to live in and hunted to feed his family. The rest is history.

Because of our intellect we were able to  think up better ways and create a less primitive society. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? It could have been, except that our superior mind minded  everyone else’s business as well and we started to disagree on things. The rest of that is history too. The more we improved our living, the closer we moved to war. As the ego evolved, we started to fight those who disagreed with us. At times we also wanted things other people had and fought to take it from them. You can read it all in the history books. The point here is, that we established many relationships. Some were close, as in families. These often included dependencies and strong attachments. Some were formed for the purpose of advancement. Working or hunting together, building, trading and many other things required us to have relationships. Some worked, some didn’t. That is still the case.

However, the closer our relationships were and are, the more vulnerable they are. This is in part, because of our expectations. Our Soul and our ego expect everyone and everything to be in agreement with us. That won’t happen, because we each have a Divine Mind and our own E&E. We don’t understand that everyone else is also unique in their E&E. We want them to fall in step, agree with us, be like us and even follow us. More war.

As you can see we have much work to do in this area. Please start by meditating on the above and looking at a few close relationships and how you can improve them.

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Dear Friends of Arche,

Given the limitations under which we experience and express this life, it is no wonder, that much of the population can’t cope and live in chaos. What can we do to improve our E&E and have a better life experience and more personal growth? In short: get conscious!

Instead of trying to live with whatever comes our way, let’s use our Divine Intellect to chart our course. For that we have to get back to the beginning of our lessons. Set goals and make a plan to achieve them–one at a time. Rehearse the steps in your mind to see if they can be executed in your present circumstances without compromising your overall growth. Sometimes we may have to remove obstacles, change some of the dynamics, to proceed. Never compromise by using answers from the opposite polarity. Some people think that they can cheat a little, do just a little bit something wrong, to get what they want. This does not work, because we break Universal Law and we usually wind up with bigger problems than we started with. Problems we don’t know how to solve. Our using a little bit of the wrong energy is like being a little bit pregnant and brings about the same results: it grows.

Our intellect allows us to make better decisions when solving our problems within our own polarity. When that doesn’t seem possible, we may have to put off or even abandon our plan or project, rather than disturbing or destroying our spiritual path. No decision in this world illusion is worth such a loss. Remember, our E&E  is just a game. Don’t let it ruin your life or get too attached to it. In the end it doesn’t matter and you’ll leave it behind for bigger and better things in the Light.

Your ego may decide to interfere, to manifest your goal anyway or, do it better or faster. Carefully monitor your ego. It is his job to get things done and he has no moral restrictions. It is up to you to approve or deny what he wants to do. He has no power of his own to do it. If you don’t approve, i.e., give power, he can’t proceed or manifest.

There is no alternative to conscious decisions and supervision. You must be conscious when planning and must also watch the SC and ego, so they don’t carry out anything you don’t want. This will assure E&E YOU control and can enjoy without repercussions.

Because other people don’t know about this and are engaged in reaching their goals by whatever means, there will be pressure exerted on you an your SC to do things different. Don’t allow anyone to take you from your conscious path. The consequences  of such influences from family and friends would be very costly to your E&E here and to your spiritual path. Again, our incarnation was an experiment  we conducted and is played out in a temporary illusion. Do not give it any power to disturb your Divinity.

The Light and Love is with you, always,


Experience & expression III, (E&E)

Dear Friends of Arche,

Since we incarnate for E&E, let’s look at what we may do in a particular life. We already mentioned that some souls come prepared, have plans for their life. Perhaps some exciting adventure or, to finish our last adventure, as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did.

The great composer and musician clearly planned his whole E&E in detail. He incarnated into a family in Salzburg, Austria, where his father was a musician who owned a piano. Few families during that time owned such a wonderful instrument. Little Wolfgang got an early start in music from his father. He was considered a genius, a special talent, because he could play the piano at age 5. In reality, his hands were too small before that and he had brought his talent and understanding of music from his previous life. Once the hands were big enough, he could play and was even invited to play at the court of the Emperor in Vienna. He quickly developed his skill on the piano and started to compose and perform. He was highly recognized among classic musicians.

Along the way he married, but it was not a good marriage. He died in his 30’s. He had finished his music and it was both his experience and his expression. He clearly incarnated only to finish what he was working on before.

There are many such cases, where a man had several life times leading an Army, only to return as one of our Generals. Or, a great talent danced herself through several hundred years. Or, where someone was in a leadership position for life times, even dynasties. We know of them because of their prominence at this time. We also know that these were some very strong and conscious entities who knew what they wanted, requested it from the Universe and went on to E&E what they wanted.

The average person usually followed patterns, incarnating to have a familiar expression. Some looked for adventure and developed passions about who they were or what they were doing.

For most people the experience was cultural, according to where they were born. Their expression was also limited by circumstances, laws, culture, etc. They never knew they had a choice or a free will to manifest that choice.

From day to day we experience what we are exposed to and express what we are allowed to. We have to consider our laws, our families our, circumstances and E&E within these boundaries. still, we learn and grow every day, but only a fraction of what is available to us. We don’t take advantage of what we really want and could develop with some effort.

Think about that and find some small changes you can make in your E&E. In time, you will have the confidence to make your life unique and live your E&E to finish the cycles of your incarnations.

A Big Job, but you can do it!

Love and Peace,




Experience & Expression (E&E) II

Dear Friends of Arche,

Everything in our life is experience & expression (E&E), even sleep. No wonder we don’t notice it or use it’s power.

Sometimes we have to step away from our life and observe what is happening and why.  We often don’t realize that (E&E) could be altered, or better yet, created the way we wanted it.  The vast majority of our population just breathe and hope for the best.  Then they want to know why things didn’t work out, why they suffer on various levels, physically, emotionally, financially, etc.  Our experience is designed to be directed or created by us, according to our will.  If we direct it, the rest is automatic and predictable.  After all, we all the creators, Divine Beings.

When we created the other animals we programmed them to function perfectly and happily.  They know where and what to  eat; how to find or build a resting place; to mate and how to raise their young and so on.  They seem to live a perfect life and it too is based on E&E.  However, they don’t have another entity from a separate polarity interfering, making up unfamiliar things, and causing massive upheaval in the animals’ emotions.  Their program, which we call nature, works.

The program of the incarnates doesn’t work, because it is of the opposite polarity.  We, the conscious entity, want to create all sorts of experiences and program the animal consciousness.  This is possible to some degree, because the human is trainable.  But it requires constant vigilance and direction from the soul, which we do not provide.  We have only limited consciousness and often don’t use it correctly.  This leaves the SC confused, vulnerable and unable to learn all we want from it.  The result: a life of suffering and failure.

Remember that everything is based on the workings of the Universe.  Therefore, if we want to E&E we have to direct these dynamics.

We could plan our lives before incarnation – and some souls do.  The choices are endless.  Do we want to be a farmer or an emperor, a mechanic or a ballet dancer, a healer or a bricklayer, etc.?  Life is difficult enough when we impose these choices on a human.  When we don’t even make the choices, the human is without direction.  Even with a choice we need to carefully guide and nurture the entity to be successful.  Remember, the two polarities can never be one, but can learn to work together.

We have even been successful in training other animals, such as dogs and horses.  Even here we have to know exactly what we want from the animal and teach carefully by repetition.

We will cover many examples and conditions to illustrate this Universal Law in action.  But for now, please think this lesson through.  Meditate.  You life is already changing by understanding this.

Love and Peace,




Dear friends of Arche,

We have now opened the door on the great motivator in the Universe, Divine Love, and I hope you continue to meditate on this, because your understanding and practice of Divine Love increases with each meditation, each thought.

It also leads to the ultimate question and realization: Why are we here? Why did we incarnate? As you look back on our chapter on Incarnation you remember how much we wanted the  experience our animal creations have and how we could express through them. Therefore we incarnated for this experience and expression. A first and new dynamic on the planet that changed not only our individual path as a Soul, but everyone else’s, including other animals we had created and the dynamics and life of the very planet we live on.

Experience often is applied observation and expression is the many things we can do with what we observe or experience. Experience or observation is an aspect of consciousness, as expression is an aspect of energy.. Both are Universal dynamics used on our journey on this planet. What a powerful and creative combination to learn about everything we wanted to know- and yet- so poorly understood.

In clarifying the concept, we will open the doors not only to your personal understanding and knowledge and immediate spiritual growth, but also touch everyone around you and change the dynamics of consciousness on the planet every second you are engaged in a thought about this subject.

Now think very carefully about this statement, to take in it’s importance.

# 1. We stated that we incarnated for the purpose of experience and       expression.  Wow–how simple is that?

# 2.  We stated that your study of this subject would change your life-guaranteed! In fact, it will change your life immediately and continuously. You won’t be able to avoid that. Universal truth works that way. In addition, it will also influence or change some people and many circumstances around you, including your planet. Wow again– are they serious?

Yes, we are serious, but you MUST be serious as well. The reason not everyone wants positive change, or any change, is fear. The Subc. is afraid it won’t be able to handle the dynamics of change. It wants things to stay the same : predictable. However, YOU govern this life now and you can help the SC make changes, even big ones! We will help the process by further clarifying experience and expression and by taking you step by step through the process of eliminating your mistakes and adding positive thought and action to your experience and expression. Sounds like a big job? Well. it is, but if you have a plan and follow the steps, it will be easy and will help accelerate your spiritual growth as well.

We have had to take some breaks in our postings, because of lack of funds. We would like to step it up and give you more information faster. Please help us by contributing to Arche. Just click  ” support Arche” on our website. Thank you.

Love and Peace,


Divine Love, III

Dear Friends of Arche,

We see now that our incarnation was no simple matter. We didn’t just inhabit an animal. We had to carefully inject another consciousness ( our Soul) in order to participate in the animals life. Not only to observe, but to have life, to experience and to understand what we experienced and then to integrate it into our knowledge. We built a complex double life.

For example: the animal knew when it was hungry or thirsty, but now this message  had to be translated to the Soul, so it would  consciously also be hungry. We had to find a link for every experience in order to pass it on from the SC to the Soul. We had not yet established the Ego for our communications. What we thought would be a simple way to experience this entity in action, turned out to be a complex exercise.

We were often confused by the way we had to live, but could not get out. The Souls who observed this from the outside, also were confused. They saw that these Souls seemed trapped in the animal and thought that perhaps they needed help to leave. They didn’t understand the problem. Many observers descended in an effort to free the incarnates. Those were our first Rescuers, who took a chance of losing their own consciousness to save an incarnate. They were motivated totally by Divine Love, a selfless act to glorify God.

This effort worked for some to bring some Souls home. However, because the observers did not consciously know why the incarnates were trapped, many of them also got caught in this strange relationship and could not get out.. Over time they became incarnates, who continued to help the race through the ages. Many of them are still serving on the planet.

This was the ONLY true expression of Divine Love by incarnates. It earned them the Grace to continue their service  and be a little more conscious.

Other expressions of  love between humans were largely emotional and a product of attraction and emotion. It helped to reproduce the race. Many people think that ther love for a partner, a friend,children, etc. is purely spiritual, but that is not possible in this polarity.

Our SC has many levels of emotion and some of them can express in beautiful ways of devotion and caring. We use them to grow and lovingly tend to others..However, we have all experienced these emotions to just get trampled or transferred to another person. We have also experienced them turning into anger and express extreme destruction. These feelings are of the SC, they are illusion and therefore temporary.

Occasionally, spiritually aware humans have short periods of spiritual ecstasy.  Or they may experience short periods of Divine Love. This signals the beginning of an awareness, that can lead to resurrection. Still, we are not always clear if this wonderful flash of love comes from our emotions or is a Divine spark. We will not know for certain, until we actually leave the incarnation.

Don’t fret over not knowing, just meditate. This will establish more consciousness and clarify your state.

If you like what you are learning, please contribute to our effort to help people to realize themselves, on this page.

Love and Peace,


Divine Love II and our Soul.

Dear Friends of Arche,

As you meditated on Divine Love you may have thought that we left something out on our way to resurrection, our rejoining our High self, our oneness. This looks too easy. We just make a decision to rejoin our Christ-Consciousness, and it is done? Yes, it is done. As long as we keep our conscious self attuned to our decision.

Remember, when we looked at healing or commanding the elements? That too was simple, because we made a decision and asked or commanded  the Universe to help us carry it out. There are no exceptions. We get what we ask for. We wanted to experience the animals life, and we got it. Our free will is the key and we now know to be “careful, what you wish for”.

We established that  our Conscious Self or Soul is an aspect of our High Self, and therefore God. It is the Soul who has to be re-directed to ascend. This is a conscious decision. Let’s take another look at the Soul or Conscious Self: It is capable of Divine Reasoning (or intellect)

and it is the source of our Free Will.

These are the Divine Aspects we  activated  as our extension of the High Self, when we chose to incarnate, to live with the animal we call human. Since we wanted to experience this life form, we had to put someone in charge, to teach, to make decisions, to create. This source had to have access to limited Divine Reasoning or Intellect, as well as, Divine Will to manifest what it decided on. Therefore the Soul is our source of Divine Reasoning & Intellect and Divine Will for this expression ONLY!!!!. It can guide, train and command the animal life on a limited basis. It is also capable of expressing a limited amount of Divine Love, as in compassion or charity

The limit is imposed, because the animal would not be able to handle a limitless power source safely. It is programmed to wield power according to it’s reasoning ability, which is very limited. None of the animals we created are permitted to use unlimited Divine Power. It protects them and those around them.

You now understand that the Soul is the channel through which we are able to express some of our Divinity. As we grow in consciousness we are permitted to use more of our Divine Powers, as we are now more able to direct them safely through the human entity. Most humans are truly conscious only about 4% of the time. The SC directs most of our world life. Some humans attain a conscious level of nearly 10%. They are rare. We will be fully conscious again, when we leave the incarnations behind and function on our spiritual level.

Please read the past several postings over and meditate on them again. It takes a little while to integrate this knowledge, if it is new to you.

Love and Peace,



Divine Love I


Dear Friends of Arche,

We speak of Divine Love, our highest expression, but very few of us can  even understand or imagine it. It is truly the “universal glue”, the Divine aspect, that holds the Universe together.

The Buddha reminds us that ” above all, you must have compassion”. This is an aspect of Divine love and He directs it at the level of our Soul, because the Soul is capable of expressing compassion to our fellow man, to our animal-and even- plant creation. It is life-giving on our level, but often overlooked, neglected and cast aside..

Jesus told us to love one another as he has loved us. He expressed Divine Love and compassion for us and only asked that we follow His example on our level of understanding; forgiving one another, caring for each other, and expressing the level of love we and our subconscious could manage for periods of time. Some have learned to express various levels of love: kindness, caring, charity and compassion for others. Many are still struggling with this challenge and express anything from indifference to cruelty or even murder to others.

There are  still many other levels of love humans can express;  the love for their children, being in love by attraction, love for our animal companions, love expressed in charity. our many passions- a form of love-we have for art, music, things we like to do and many more.

Most people think of love as their feelings for others, lovers, family, friends and other attachments. These loves are one ” training ground” to learn to understand real or Divine Love and, as such, they are positive and helpful. These attachments are the highest expression our SC is capable of, but they are not of a Divine nature. These loves are quickly derailed when someone is unkind to us, or disagrees, or wants to express on their level. We turn on them with everything from abandoning them to war. The whole world lives like that and it is the reason we are stressed and our world is in chaos. These types of love are not strong enough to sustain us in our spiritual life. It is not spiritual love, which is unconditional and loves every expression of God, big or small, spectacular or tentative. We have so much to relearn. When we get tired of suffering, we will relearn our perfect ways to express Divine Love and to stay in that state.

Remember this: we, the Soul can only return to our state of Divine Being, our High Self, and ultimately  our original place in the Universe, through Divine Love. Some call it resurrection, a return home!

We do not search for Divine Love. There is nowhere to go and search, because we already ARE Divine Love. We merely have to become aware of that aspect of our Soul within us and then express from it..It is the “other polarity”, the one we ignored for a time. It is, again, time to choose if we are to continue our expression in Christ consciousness or in Anti-Christ consciousness. There is nothing else to do, to work for or to buy. Simply step out of the consciousness you are in right now, as you would step out of a car or a house, and be on you way to higher consciousness. Leaving all the baggage, physical, emotional and mental behind and enjoying the freedom of who you really are for the first time in a long time.

You have finished your experience and expression on this planet and grown in wisdom and you bring all these gifts home to glorify God.

You have a lot to meditate on now and please help us with your contributions.

Love and Peace,