Dear Friends of Arche,

We have covered some of your E&E on this planet, but there is much more.

By far the most important area of E&E is relationships. This was not even on our list when we just wanted to feel the sunshine or taste a strawberry. It came into play long after we had already incarnated. Animal reproduction was simple.  A mating ritual  programmed by nature produced the next generation of animals. Some animals stayed together for a while, some did not. A few  stayed for life. Some shared in raising their offspring, some did not. The different species evolved their lifestyles and their communities and continued to live happily within their established boundaries and within Universal Law for their polarity.

Then came our incarnations, which occur when the human animal draws it’s first breath. The SC follows it’s normal program, but the conscious incarnate begins to change the animal life almost immediately. By the age of 7 years it can reason consciously and independently and survive. ( other animals can often survive much earlier on their programmed pattern, without having to reason). By then the difference between the SC & C is very clear. The two levels can even carry on limited conversations .When we observe this in our young children, we often think they talk to a little imaginary friend.. However, the friend is real and continues to be a part  of the rest of our life.

Early man talked to their SC and their High Self throughout their entire life. It is how the race developed collective ideas of living, formed groups, societies and, finally, civilizations. In doing so, they had to communicate with other humans and formed bonds. They also formed familial bonds and accepted  roles for their existence. The woman took care of  home and family, while the man found caves or other spaces to live in and hunted to feed his family. The rest is history.

Because of our intellect we were able to  think up better ways and create a less primitive society. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? It could have been, except that our superior mind minded  everyone else’s business as well and we started to disagree on things. The rest of that is history too. The more we improved our living, the closer we moved to war. As the ego evolved, we started to fight those who disagreed with us. At times we also wanted things other people had and fought to take it from them. You can read it all in the history books. The point here is, that we established many relationships. Some were close, as in families. These often included dependencies and strong attachments. Some were formed for the purpose of advancement. Working or hunting together, building, trading and many other things required us to have relationships. Some worked, some didn’t. That is still the case.

However, the closer our relationships were and are, the more vulnerable they are. This is in part, because of our expectations. Our Soul and our ego expect everyone and everything to be in agreement with us. That won’t happen, because we each have a Divine Mind and our own E&E. We don’t understand that everyone else is also unique in their E&E. We want them to fall in step, agree with us, be like us and even follow us. More war.

As you can see we have much work to do in this area. Please start by meditating on the above and looking at a few close relationships and how you can improve them.

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Love and Peace,


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