Dear Friends of Arche,

Given the limitations under which we experience and express this life, it is no wonder, that much of the population can’t cope and live in chaos. What can we do to improve our E&E and have a better life experience and more personal growth? In short: get conscious!

Instead of trying to live with whatever comes our way, let’s use our Divine Intellect to chart our course. For that we have to get back to the beginning of our lessons. Set goals and make a plan to achieve them–one at a time. Rehearse the steps in your mind to see if they can be executed in your present circumstances without compromising your overall growth. Sometimes we may have to remove obstacles, change some of the dynamics, to proceed. Never compromise by using answers from the opposite polarity. Some people think that they can cheat a little, do just a little bit something wrong, to get what they want. This does not work, because we break Universal Law and we usually wind up with bigger problems than we started with. Problems we don’t know how to solve. Our using a little bit of the wrong energy is like being a little bit pregnant and brings about the same results: it grows.

Our intellect allows us to make better decisions when solving our problems within our own polarity. When that doesn’t seem possible, we may have to put off or even abandon our plan or project, rather than disturbing or destroying our spiritual path. No decision in this world illusion is worth such a loss. Remember, our E&E  is just a game. Don’t let it ruin your life or get too attached to it. In the end it doesn’t matter and you’ll leave it behind for bigger and better things in the Light.

Your ego may decide to interfere, to manifest your goal anyway or, do it better or faster. Carefully monitor your ego. It is his job to get things done and he has no moral restrictions. It is up to you to approve or deny what he wants to do. He has no power of his own to do it. If you don’t approve, i.e., give power, he can’t proceed or manifest.

There is no alternative to conscious decisions and supervision. You must be conscious when planning and must also watch the SC and ego, so they don’t carry out anything you don’t want. This will assure E&E YOU control and can enjoy without repercussions.

Because other people don’t know about this and are engaged in reaching their goals by whatever means, there will be pressure exerted on you an your SC to do things different. Don’t allow anyone to take you from your conscious path. The consequences  of such influences from family and friends would be very costly to your E&E here and to your spiritual path. Again, our incarnation was an experiment  we conducted and is played out in a temporary illusion. Do not give it any power to disturb your Divinity.

The Light and Love is with you, always,


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