Experience & expression III, (E&E)

Dear Friends of Arche,

Since we incarnate for E&E, let’s look at what we may do in a particular life. We already mentioned that some souls come prepared, have plans for their life. Perhaps some exciting adventure or, to finish our last adventure, as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did.

The great composer and musician clearly planned his whole E&E in detail. He incarnated into a family in Salzburg, Austria, where his father was a musician who owned a piano. Few families during that time owned such a wonderful instrument. Little Wolfgang got an early start in music from his father. He was considered a genius, a special talent, because he could play the piano at age 5. In reality, his hands were too small before that and he had brought his talent and understanding of music from his previous life. Once the hands were big enough, he could play and was even invited to play at the court of the Emperor in Vienna. He quickly developed his skill on the piano and started to compose and perform. He was highly recognized among classic musicians.

Along the way he married, but it was not a good marriage. He died in his 30’s. He had finished his music and it was both his experience and his expression. He clearly incarnated only to finish what he was working on before.

There are many such cases, where a man had several life times leading an Army, only to return as one of our Generals. Or, a great talent danced herself through several hundred years. Or, where someone was in a leadership position for life times, even dynasties. We know of them because of their prominence at this time. We also know that these were some very strong and conscious entities who knew what they wanted, requested it from the Universe and went on to E&E what they wanted.

The average person usually followed patterns, incarnating to have a familiar expression. Some looked for adventure and developed passions about who they were or what they were doing.

For most people the experience was cultural, according to where they were born. Their expression was also limited by circumstances, laws, culture, etc. They never knew they had a choice or a free will to manifest that choice.

From day to day we experience what we are exposed to and express what we are allowed to. We have to consider our laws, our families our, circumstances and E&E within these boundaries. still, we learn and grow every day, but only a fraction of what is available to us. We don’t take advantage of what we really want and could develop with some effort.

Think about that and find some small changes you can make in your E&E. In time, you will have the confidence to make your life unique and live your E&E to finish the cycles of your incarnations.

A Big Job, but you can do it!

Love and Peace,




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