Experience & Expression (E&E) II

Dear Friends of Arche,

Everything in our life is experience & expression (E&E), even sleep. No wonder we don’t notice it or use it’s power.

Sometimes we have to step away from our life and observe what is happening and why.  We often don’t realize that (E&E) could be altered, or better yet, created the way we wanted it.  The vast majority of our population just breathe and hope for the best.  Then they want to know why things didn’t work out, why they suffer on various levels, physically, emotionally, financially, etc.  Our experience is designed to be directed or created by us, according to our will.  If we direct it, the rest is automatic and predictable.  After all, we all the creators, Divine Beings.

When we created the other animals we programmed them to function perfectly and happily.  They know where and what to  eat; how to find or build a resting place; to mate and how to raise their young and so on.  They seem to live a perfect life and it too is based on E&E.  However, they don’t have another entity from a separate polarity interfering, making up unfamiliar things, and causing massive upheaval in the animals’ emotions.  Their program, which we call nature, works.

The program of the incarnates doesn’t work, because it is of the opposite polarity.  We, the conscious entity, want to create all sorts of experiences and program the animal consciousness.  This is possible to some degree, because the human is trainable.  But it requires constant vigilance and direction from the soul, which we do not provide.  We have only limited consciousness and often don’t use it correctly.  This leaves the SC confused, vulnerable and unable to learn all we want from it.  The result: a life of suffering and failure.

Remember that everything is based on the workings of the Universe.  Therefore, if we want to E&E we have to direct these dynamics.

We could plan our lives before incarnation – and some souls do.  The choices are endless.  Do we want to be a farmer or an emperor, a mechanic or a ballet dancer, a healer or a bricklayer, etc.?  Life is difficult enough when we impose these choices on a human.  When we don’t even make the choices, the human is without direction.  Even with a choice we need to carefully guide and nurture the entity to be successful.  Remember, the two polarities can never be one, but can learn to work together.

We have even been successful in training other animals, such as dogs and horses.  Even here we have to know exactly what we want from the animal and teach carefully by repetition.

We will cover many examples and conditions to illustrate this Universal Law in action.  But for now, please think this lesson through.  Meditate.  You life is already changing by understanding this.

Love and Peace,



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