Dear friends of Arche,

We have now opened the door on the great motivator in the Universe, Divine Love, and I hope you continue to meditate on this, because your understanding and practice of Divine Love increases with each meditation, each thought.

It also leads to the ultimate question and realization: Why are we here? Why did we incarnate? As you look back on our chapter on Incarnation you remember how much we wanted the  experience our animal creations have and how we could express through them. Therefore we incarnated for this experience and expression. A first and new dynamic on the planet that changed not only our individual path as a Soul, but everyone else’s, including other animals we had created and the dynamics and life of the very planet we live on.

Experience often is applied observation and expression is the many things we can do with what we observe or experience. Experience or observation is an aspect of consciousness, as expression is an aspect of energy.. Both are Universal dynamics used on our journey on this planet. What a powerful and creative combination to learn about everything we wanted to know- and yet- so poorly understood.

In clarifying the concept, we will open the doors not only to your personal understanding and knowledge and immediate spiritual growth, but also touch everyone around you and change the dynamics of consciousness on the planet every second you are engaged in a thought about this subject.

Now think very carefully about this statement, to take in it’s importance.

# 1. We stated that we incarnated for the purpose of experience and       expression.  Wow–how simple is that?

# 2.  We stated that your study of this subject would change your life-guaranteed! In fact, it will change your life immediately and continuously. You won’t be able to avoid that. Universal truth works that way. In addition, it will also influence or change some people and many circumstances around you, including your planet. Wow again– are they serious?

Yes, we are serious, but you MUST be serious as well. The reason not everyone wants positive change, or any change, is fear. The Subc. is afraid it won’t be able to handle the dynamics of change. It wants things to stay the same : predictable. However, YOU govern this life now and you can help the SC make changes, even big ones! We will help the process by further clarifying experience and expression and by taking you step by step through the process of eliminating your mistakes and adding positive thought and action to your experience and expression. Sounds like a big job? Well. it is, but if you have a plan and follow the steps, it will be easy and will help accelerate your spiritual growth as well.

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Love and Peace,