Divine Love, III

Dear Friends of Arche,

We see now that our incarnation was no simple matter. We didn’t just inhabit an animal. We had to carefully inject another consciousness ( our Soul) in order to participate in the animals life. Not only to observe, but to have life, to experience and to understand what we experienced and then to integrate it into our knowledge. We built a complex double life.

For example: the animal knew when it was hungry or thirsty, but now this message  had to be translated to the Soul, so it would  consciously also be hungry. We had to find a link for every experience in order to pass it on from the SC to the Soul. We had not yet established the Ego for our communications. What we thought would be a simple way to experience this entity in action, turned out to be a complex exercise.

We were often confused by the way we had to live, but could not get out. The Souls who observed this from the outside, also were confused. They saw that these Souls seemed trapped in the animal and thought that perhaps they needed help to leave. They didn’t understand the problem. Many observers descended in an effort to free the incarnates. Those were our first Rescuers, who took a chance of losing their own consciousness to save an incarnate. They were motivated totally by Divine Love, a selfless act to glorify God.

This effort worked for some to bring some Souls home. However, because the observers did not consciously know why the incarnates were trapped, many of them also got caught in this strange relationship and could not get out.. Over time they became incarnates, who continued to help the race through the ages. Many of them are still serving on the planet.

This was the ONLY true expression of Divine Love by incarnates. It earned them the Grace to continue their service  and be a little more conscious.

Other expressions of  love between humans were largely emotional and a product of attraction and emotion. It helped to reproduce the race. Many people think that ther love for a partner, a friend,children, etc. is purely spiritual, but that is not possible in this polarity.

Our SC has many levels of emotion and some of them can express in beautiful ways of devotion and caring. We use them to grow and lovingly tend to others..However, we have all experienced these emotions to just get trampled or transferred to another person. We have also experienced them turning into anger and express extreme destruction. These feelings are of the SC, they are illusion and therefore temporary.

Occasionally, spiritually aware humans have short periods of spiritual ecstasy.  Or they may experience short periods of Divine Love. This signals the beginning of an awareness, that can lead to resurrection. Still, we are not always clear if this wonderful flash of love comes from our emotions or is a Divine spark. We will not know for certain, until we actually leave the incarnation.

Don’t fret over not knowing, just meditate. This will establish more consciousness and clarify your state.

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Love and Peace,


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