Divine Love II and our Soul.

Dear Friends of Arche,

As you meditated on Divine Love you may have thought that we left something out on our way to resurrection, our rejoining our High self, our oneness. This looks too easy. We just make a decision to rejoin our Christ-Consciousness, and it is done? Yes, it is done. As long as we keep our conscious self attuned to our decision.

Remember, when we looked at healing or commanding the elements? That too was simple, because we made a decision and asked or commanded  the Universe to help us carry it out. There are no exceptions. We get what we ask for. We wanted to experience the animals life, and we got it. Our free will is the key and we now know to be “careful, what you wish for”.

We established that  our Conscious Self or Soul is an aspect of our High Self, and therefore God. It is the Soul who has to be re-directed to ascend. This is a conscious decision. Let’s take another look at the Soul or Conscious Self: It is capable of Divine Reasoning (or intellect)

and it is the source of our Free Will.

These are the Divine Aspects we  activated  as our extension of the High Self, when we chose to incarnate, to live with the animal we call human. Since we wanted to experience this life form, we had to put someone in charge, to teach, to make decisions, to create. This source had to have access to limited Divine Reasoning or Intellect, as well as, Divine Will to manifest what it decided on. Therefore the Soul is our source of Divine Reasoning & Intellect and Divine Will for this expression ONLY!!!!. It can guide, train and command the animal life on a limited basis. It is also capable of expressing a limited amount of Divine Love, as in compassion or charity

The limit is imposed, because the animal would not be able to handle a limitless power source safely. It is programmed to wield power according to it’s reasoning ability, which is very limited. None of the animals we created are permitted to use unlimited Divine Power. It protects them and those around them.

You now understand that the Soul is the channel through which we are able to express some of our Divinity. As we grow in consciousness we are permitted to use more of our Divine Powers, as we are now more able to direct them safely through the human entity. Most humans are truly conscious only about 4% of the time. The SC directs most of our world life. Some humans attain a conscious level of nearly 10%. They are rare. We will be fully conscious again, when we leave the incarnations behind and function on our spiritual level.

Please read the past several postings over and meditate on them again. It takes a little while to integrate this knowledge, if it is new to you.

Love and Peace,



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