Divine Love I


Dear Friends of Arche,

We speak of Divine Love, our highest expression, but very few of us can  even understand or imagine it. It is truly the “universal glue”, the Divine aspect, that holds the Universe together.

The Buddha reminds us that ” above all, you must have compassion”. This is an aspect of Divine love and He directs it at the level of our Soul, because the Soul is capable of expressing compassion to our fellow man, to our animal-and even- plant creation. It is life-giving on our level, but often overlooked, neglected and cast aside..

Jesus told us to love one another as he has loved us. He expressed Divine Love and compassion for us and only asked that we follow His example on our level of understanding; forgiving one another, caring for each other, and expressing the level of love we and our subconscious could manage for periods of time. Some have learned to express various levels of love: kindness, caring, charity and compassion for others. Many are still struggling with this challenge and express anything from indifference to cruelty or even murder to others.

There are  still many other levels of love humans can express;  the love for their children, being in love by attraction, love for our animal companions, love expressed in charity. our many passions- a form of love-we have for art, music, things we like to do and many more.

Most people think of love as their feelings for others, lovers, family, friends and other attachments. These loves are one ” training ground” to learn to understand real or Divine Love and, as such, they are positive and helpful. These attachments are the highest expression our SC is capable of, but they are not of a Divine nature. These loves are quickly derailed when someone is unkind to us, or disagrees, or wants to express on their level. We turn on them with everything from abandoning them to war. The whole world lives like that and it is the reason we are stressed and our world is in chaos. These types of love are not strong enough to sustain us in our spiritual life. It is not spiritual love, which is unconditional and loves every expression of God, big or small, spectacular or tentative. We have so much to relearn. When we get tired of suffering, we will relearn our perfect ways to express Divine Love and to stay in that state.

Remember this: we, the Soul can only return to our state of Divine Being, our High Self, and ultimately  our original place in the Universe, through Divine Love. Some call it resurrection, a return home!

We do not search for Divine Love. There is nowhere to go and search, because we already ARE Divine Love. We merely have to become aware of that aspect of our Soul within us and then express from it..It is the “other polarity”, the one we ignored for a time. It is, again, time to choose if we are to continue our expression in Christ consciousness or in Anti-Christ consciousness. There is nothing else to do, to work for or to buy. Simply step out of the consciousness you are in right now, as you would step out of a car or a house, and be on you way to higher consciousness. Leaving all the baggage, physical, emotional and mental behind and enjoying the freedom of who you really are for the first time in a long time.

You have finished your experience and expression on this planet and grown in wisdom and you bring all these gifts home to glorify God.

You have a lot to meditate on now and please help us with your contributions.

Love and Peace,


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