You are a Creator

Dear Friends,

There are so many wonderful things to learn about our existence in this Universe and each thought brings us closer to self- realization, to knowing the truth about ourselves and our connection to God.
Of course, creation has been our purpose and passion in this Universe, and, unfortunately we were kept completely in the dark about it. Most of us know that God is the Creator, but we were not told about our part in creation, which prevents us to reach a high level of self-realization.

Before we pursue the many examples of creation, we can learn how to instantly create our daily needs in life. Simply, decide or know what it is you need or want and thank the Universe for it, as if you had already received your request. And of course, you have.  Do this every day and meditate on it.

How does it feel to have that much power?

Did you get over the shock yet, or are you still working on it? I am talking about your power as a creator. Perhaps you did not use your new-found magic yet. Here it is again: Just thank the Universe sincerely for your request, and IT IS DONE!  I know it takes a little time to get used to even THINKING about your life like that, but it is really true—everything the Universe is and has is yours for the asking. Thank you Universe!

Some advice: be careful what you ask for, because it will manifest.

Also, your request prayer is only for you, personally.  You cannot manifest things for someone else. They must do this themselves. You can’t bring about things for family, groups or even charities. Just for yourself. We deal with other requests at a later date.


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