Understanding the Consequences

Dear friends of Arche,

Our news coverage tells us of massive demonstrations in Egypt. Many thousands of people in the streets of Cairo and some killed in their anger and rage.

The same news comes out of Afghanistan–and more killed.

In Syria the leadership is killing their own people, hundreds of thousands of them.

In the USA there are huge demonstrations in every major city over the results of a trial. Ministers and community leaders plead with the crowds not to get violent, to remain peaceful, to avoid more problems.

If they knew how to be peaceful, they would not be out there. This is just a small sample of one week-end. There are dozens more demonstrations out there this week, and every week and it is getting worse. And we are not even talking about war. It is the result of what we said before: the two polarities are not compatible and they are not going to let the other be right or win.

What it would take to quell this ignorance and hatred is Love, unconditional Love. That’s just not possible in the world we described. It would take Divine Souls to manifest that. But Souls don’t manifest anything. They ARE Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, Divine Power, etc. The masses, who consist of 95% SC with some ego added, do not even understand Divine Love, let alone act on it.

Of course, there are evolved Souls, who understand the principle and often can control their own SC and ego. Some of them, who thought they can change the horror on this planet, paid with their lives for their compassion and their courage. From Krishna, Buddha and Jesus down to our more recent great rescuers, like Mahatma Ghandi, The Kennedy”s, the Rev. Dr. King and many others, they were reviled, tortured and in this age, assassinated.

There is ” no room in the Inn” for Christ consciousness or Divine love, then or now.

Why? Because Divine Love, then and now is of the opposite polarity. It does not fit into manifestation, no matter how much well-meaning and highly spiritual rescuers try to convince us to love everyone and to abandon hatred and violence.

Whenever there is a controversy as above, it is very easy for the masses of less developed humans to incite rage and violence. The others just follow. We will have many other examples in future writings, so we learn to determine  how the source motivats us and how to avoid the trap.

Incarnates do not have the understanding or the Divine Motivation to express Divine Love. There are glimpses of it in spiritually aware people, but they can not sustain the Divine Power, while engaged in the world manifestation. This is very difficult to understand for most people and might start another riot with others, but the facts are clear: we CAN NOT manifest Divine Love. It is against Universal Law.

There are many other positive expressions we can manifest from the subconscious level and to us they feel very good, very real like emotional attachments, human love/ affection, being “in love”, etc. In the older subconscious, these are it’s highest expressions and they help bond people in friendships and love relationships. They help us to be kind and generous to others and overall contribute to a good and positive quality of life.

In the animal kingdom we see the same warm, sweet and wonderful expressions. They, too, love each other, look out for each other and evolve a good quality of life. There is an important difference. They can maintain it, because they don’t have an ego and a Soul interfering. They stay within their space in Universal Law.

I know you can understand this lesson and it will become even clearer, as you meditate on it. I also know that you may have trouble accepting it. We have been programmed to think that we can change the Universe, if we just “TRY” hard enough, but we also know, that’s a lie!  We can’t change the Universe. The Buddha spent many years searching for the root of our suffering on Earth. He found it. His solution: self realization and no return to this condition. The Truth is Universal.

We have to shift gears to understand all of this and that takes serious thought on your part. God bless you.

Love and Peace,


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