The Solution

Dear friends of Arche,

So you say you don’t participate in any demonstrations or other  dangerous group activities. What about the ugliness and anger so many of us get drawn into just in our families?  The fights with a spouse or a lover or your parents or children? What about making ourselves and others miserable at work? What about anything from road rage to murder, or indiscriminate shootings of others–just because they are there. All of this aggressive behavior in the last lesson and this one is, of course, related.

It’s really very simple. We, the intellect or Soul observe problems and injustices and we think we should step in and fix them. But these negative circumstances we are protesting or fighting about also came out of our duality.Out of our intellect creating something and expecting our SC  to carry it out, perfectly. When it can’t do that, we arouse it’s emotions to blame another—person, party, nation, etc.–and it manifests resistance to the condition we created that isn’t working. That produces the argument, demonstration,etc. and we put our two cents in again, to fix it. Of course, it doesn’t get fixed. It may get worse or it may change course for a time, but the damage is already done. We have come full circle, as we always do in these clashes with the other polarity.

As in our last lesson and all the future lessons on the planet, this can only be resolved through Divine Love. Or, we can continue the pain through eternity. As long as we are addressing the wrong polarity, it will NOT get better.

This does not mean that we are damned for eternity in this state, as some religions teach.There are several ways we can change the outcome for ourselves, individually, but the masses of people who continue their aggressive behavior—to win, to gain, to be right, even to help on their level–are trapped. As one of my favorite guitar legends, singer and composer,  Carlos Santana puts it: ” there is only Love”. That’s the solution.

The masses are trapped, until they too learn the great Truth, that the Buddha  taught us, that incarnation does not work. We’ll have to separate and move on.

As we come to understand our spirituality better and move into a higher state of self-realization, we can utilize Divine love to help ourselves and others. The Buddha issued only one commandment: ” above all you must have compassion”. Compassion is an aspect of Divine Love. The directive was to be compassionate with those who are still searching, instead of resisting and fighting them.

Jesus said:”love one another, as I have loved you”, meaning in His Divine Love for us. There was no other commandment. This would be enough for us to help one another. He did not direct us to Moses’ Ten Commandments, because they had done so much harm through religious misinterpretations and corruption. Later, Christian churches added the Ten Commandments again, to have more control over already confused Souls.

We have taken another small step in the right direction. There will be many more examples to assure your understanding of this subject on the Path. Please meditate on these thoughts, as this may be a new way of thinking for you. The subconscious is a creature of habit and would like to do what it already knows.  Therefore we have to be clear on any changes we want to implement and direct the SC according to our new understanding.

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Love and Peace,


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