The Great Transgression

Dear Friends of Arche,

With the incarnation of the Rescuers, the human race was permanently established. After each human life cycle, the body was discarded and the animal consciousness and soul re-incarnated again., together, into a newly reproduced little body. Between life times they spent time together on the astral plane to refresh and regenerate for a new life cycle. Like all other animals, our animal consciousness has a memory bank, where it stored away what it had learned in it’s last cycle. This helped it to function better in the next life and helped increase it’s awareness and reasoning ability.

The soul has no long-term memory bank. In it’s normal, Divine state, it merely has to think of something and all the answers to any problems are right there–in the Divine realm of the Universe. However, these powers are not available to the incarnate soul. Therefore, it too depends on the memories the animal consciousness (which we now call our subconscious )has stored for it’s survival.

These are two entirely different entities, trying to make one human life work; living in one body; having nothing in common, except that body. To make things worse, they can only communicate in the most primitive way and reason  on vastly different levels of understanding.  Surely this would be enough reason to call off the experiment and go their separate ways.

Unfortunately, both entities were largely unconscious and didn’t even know that there was anything wrong. Therefore they were doomed to many centuries of suffering, fighting and every negative expression possible, with no relief in sight.

The reason their problems were not “fixable” was that they had violated Universal Law. They were two distinct different polarities, trying to exist as one. We all know that this is not possible. We can only choose one polarity: either manifestation–in this case the animal, or Spirit–our Soul. They do not co-exist, except by mistake or force, and never in harmony and  at a very high price.

The only escape from this existence is consciousness, the discernment that we are in the wrong expression and need to go home to our Divine existence. Since were were almost totally unconscious, it would take a long time  and many great teachers to guide the Soul back to a spiritual path. Over time, the Rescuers mission would continue as well, but in a different way.

It is interesting that the Universe warned us  not to take this path and that this warning was preserved in Sacred writings, for us to see to this date. In the Old Testament, Genesis 2:17 we read:'” But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it:for in the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die.” We are talking of the spiritual life.

At no other time was the Soul threatened with death. This was serious. God knew that we could not understand or handle this law yet. Just stay away! A difficult thing to do for a curious mind with a free Will. Much to meditate on and to come to some important conclusions.

Love and Peace,


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