The Experiment

Dear Friends of Arche,

Now, that we have a better understanding of the creative process, let’s return to what we already created. The creators were fascinated by the experience and expression of their creations and considered joining in the experience.

Not all agreed to visit the planet. It seemed risky and there was no clear path for such a visit. For one, they would have to inhabit one of the animals to have this experience. But which one? A group of them tried several animals, but their experience fell short of their expetations. We still read of these transmigrations in mythology and other ancient texts. Some of these animals were elevated to God-like beings in later writings. Some early civilizations used them  to symbolize various virtues and attributes.

However, no suitable animal could be found., so they created one. It had to be able to carry out special tasks the creators wanted to try out. It also had to be able to function on a higher level than some of the other animals and provide some insight about how animals think, feel and react.

They created our human body as a mammal with various different aspects, until they found it to be perfect for our use. It’s animal consciousnes was  allowed to express on a higher reasoning level than other animals, but was still limited to the programming of the animal.

To be clear, once and for all, Humans did NOT evolve from Apes. They were crated separately. Numerous simians had been created, from little monkeys to huge apes and many of their physical qualities were used in the creation of the human.

There was no evolution from the apes and there was no Adam and Eve, who started the race. Just our new creation of humans, who started to reproduce, live in families and groups, tempting the creators to join them.

This temptation was so great, that we–the souls–were given a warning, which is still in our sacred writings. It warns us not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. We obviously were too inexperienced to understand the workings of polarity. The Universe warned us not to take this step to live with an entity of another polarity (the animal). We had not advanced to the state where we could experience the animal without damaging or destroying the soul.

There was a lot of disagreement among the souls. One part of the life-wave wanted the experience. The other group argued that it was dangerous;that humans were to be observed like the other animals; that there was no precedent for interacting with a vastly different consciousness, even in a casual way.

In the end , our free will prevailed and one large group of the life-wave joined the humans, while the rest observed their experience and expression. This was not incarnation, just living close to human/animal consciousness and trying to have their experience. The creators who lived with the humans were amazed at how the humans lived. The were also disappointed, because they could not interact, did not understand and felt like they were still looking in from the outside.

Still, the creation of the humans was a huge success and both groups thanked the Universe, while still observing and learning.

Love and Peace, Rosita

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