The Birds

Dear Friends of Arche,

The planet was populated with many of species of animals, living in the luxury of plants they used for shelter and for food. Among the insects, some species were created with wings, so they could fly in search for food and also to pollinate the plants. How wonderful it would be to have larger winged species, who could fly high and observe all life on the planet.

In time, species of birds were created.  Some were very small, others larger, and some of them very large. Their feathered wings could be carried by the wind or on gentle air currents. Some of them could swim with webbed feet, when they were not flying. They could also walk and could find food on the ground, in the trees or even in the air. Most would make their homes in the trees, building beautiful nests to shelter them. Some of them lived high in the mountains, building their nests on rock.

The most outstanding thing was their beauty. Their feathers were of many beautiful colors and designs, each species of birds featuring a special signature look. Each species also had a special language they communicated in and many had beautiful voices to sing their praise. What lovely additions to the planet!

After giving them life and manifestation on the planet, the creators of the birds rejoiced and thanked the Universe.  The birds were like a special gift to the glory of God! We still delight in their presence and their expression.

Love and Peace,

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