The ARCHE and the AMEN (the beginning and the end)

Dear friends of Arche,

You have looked at some of our creation stories and are beginning to see where we are going with this. Of course, there are many more stories about creation, but this is the story of our spiritual journey in this Universe. It has been carefully kept from us by the forces of the other side of the polarity. The purpose was to keep us prisoners of the path they have chosen. That is behind us now. The fact that you are still reading these postings tells us that you want the truth. You will get the truth, though it may be unpleasant at times. The wonderful thing is, that this truth will set you free permanently and reward you with a wonderful life. You may already have received some glimpses of the changes ahead.

This story takes us from our origins to the present. It is based on the reality and the laws of the Universe. It never changed from the beginning. It will not change in the future. There is nothing to change. It is truth, consistent systems, Divine consciousness and absolutely dependable dynamics of creation. Much of this is already known by scientists who also are researching our origins. But much still needs to be uncovered. Also, many old concepts, as well as, incorrect interpretations of our early wisdom need to be corrected. In addition, various politics and religions saw a chance of enormous power by proclaiming their God the true one. And so over the centuries, the truth about our Universe became confused and corrupted.  Each such group or civilization withheld some important parts of the workings of the Universe and thereby created chaos. History and our lives tell us that we live in this state of chaos even now and nothing seems to be working. Not our personal lives or even our nations. Our lives only work when we follow the laws of the Universe individually and collectively. Only then will wars, sickness, failure, etc. stop.  Aligning our lives along Universal laws is our absolute guarantee to a better life here and in the hereafter. There are no tricks or shortcuts. Only understanding and adhering to Universal, Divine Truth.

To lead you to this result we explain the foundation of creation, much of which science has already documented. Then we will cover our development here, replacing lies and fairy tales with the truth. Your lives will then change–guaranteed. Each insight will provide a step to grow in to the right direction, correct things on the way and help you to walk the Divine path.

The wonderful thing is that everyone can do this if they spend a few minutes every day meditating on one small subject at a time. You will be surprised how quickly your life changes in a positive way.

Many blessings on your way “HOME,”

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