Summary to date

Dear Friends of Arche,

Thank you for following our notes about our development in this solar system. Our first postings were well received and we appreciate your many wonderful comments. They tell us that you really want to know your origin and your path into the Light. We have covered most of the foundation for our journey and will soon enter areas of our Universal lives most people have not yet learned about. A great many wonderful revelations are about to unfold and we are ready to share this knowledge with you. However, we need your help. We need to take care of our expenses without charging for the lessons. We want everyone to have access to these truths, which are not published anywhere else. Please click on  “Support Arche,” to donate whatever you can afford. It will help many people to find their path into the Light.

Also, please tell your friends about these lessons and direct them to our website for more information. Thank you for your generosity and may God bless you.

In the LIGHT,

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