Small Animals

Dear friends of Arche,

Creation is an ongoing process. A great deal of thought and imaging goes into finally deciding on another life form. Many images are discarded before we find one worthy of manifesting. Much like when we create a piece of art, compose music or tell a story in dance.  Or even when we create a building or a new mechanical or electronic gadget.  There is a system for creation and we have used it for as long as we decided to create anything.

But back to our large, ancient planet and our creation of life forms.

After observing and contemplating our creations of plants and insects for hundreds of thousands of years, it was time to create other small creatures. Larger than the insects, to be sure, but small in reference of what was to come in the future.

We thought of various snakes and reptiles. The waters needed life forms and we imaged small fish.. Yes, that was to be the next step and a group of creators started to work on many small species. These life forms also would have a purpose. For example, the insect population had grown too large over time and they could be used by some of the new, small life forms as food. Plants too, in and out of water, provided an abundance of food.

It was the start of a food chain Nature still uses to balance and sustain all life forms. Again, we were able to observe our new species and thank the Universe.

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