Dear friends of Arche,

Have you been meditating on the Universe, your God? Good, because there are a few more important things you should know.

If you have realized the creative process in the Universe, you have become aware, that all creation is polarized. We therefore add polarity to all of our Universal creation.

This requires consciousness to create everything with a choice of how it would manifest or act.

Because of these choices we have a free Will to choose for every Divine cell of this Universe.

Our language is limited in how to describe polarity. We use terms like positive/negative, good/evil, etc.. However we have come to understand polarity on many levels, such as our planetary magnetic field, or electricity.

We only have to remember that polarity is a Divine expression; that it will always be here, that it is a part of our own life stream and that it is the dynamic that allows us a choice, a free Will. There is no God- dictator, who makes us do things or interferes with our creations. WE GET TO CHOOSE!

Nothing is less than anything else in Divine expression. It is simply different. We just choose what Divine expression we wish to manifest.

That’s all there is to it. You now know how the Universe works and we can go into all the little details at another time. However, you are now in charge of your Universe. Congratulations!!! ¬†Meditate on this to clarify it and accept it as your Divinity.

Peace and love,


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