Our Solar System

Dear Friends,

The Universe is never still, never static. Its creative mind and power are always at work. And so, individual cells or groups of cells continue the creative process by evolving creative thoughts into manifest creation. All the building materials are there and so are the builders. Then as now, we always have to first look for a space, a place to manifest or build our ideas.

And that’s exactly what a vast amount of Universal entities did. Together, they searched for a star system that would accommodate their ideas and they chose our solar system. They observed the planets and their moons, their distance from the sun and other properties helpful to their ideas.

They chose a large planet, much larger than our Earth, which offered a climate that would support the life they wanted to create. The climate was determined by the distance from the sun. Far enough away not to burn our creations, but not so far that they would be frozen.

The planet had many of the basics that we needed: soil and rock, water, a core of fire and an atmosphere to surround it that could be used as a life force– the air we breathe now or oxygen.

The planet traveled around the sun at regular intervals, magnetically joined to the sun, supplying all parts of it with the suns warmth to sustain it. In time the planet would slowly move away from the sun into a colder area, but that would be eons of time away.  Enough to create and observe our manifestations.

And here we— the billions of Universal entities—were, observing in wonder what had already been created:  a solar system ready to receive our creations and glorify God.

Please meditate on these thoughts and also keep sending your friends to this site and also to our website, www.archeinternational.org

Love and Peace,

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