Other Life Forms

Dear friends of Arche.

We don’t know how long our creative groups enjoyed and admired the plant life they had created on the planet. We DO know that throughout the thousands of years they also thought of adding other life forms and systems. Eventually, they did.  They created small life forms that could move.   Insects that could live off the plants; some that could live in the soil and some that could fly. There were so many places for them to live– on the plants, in the bushes and the trees as well as, in the ground.

These creations presented many challenges. Species were created that looked different and lived different, yet they were created with common systems. They all ate and digested and eliminated what they didn’t use for their sustenance.  They had legs for movement and to handle things. Some had wings and they would help carry pollen from flower to flower. They all had eyes and similar bodies – a very orderly way to manifest and stay on the planet.

Our different creators, imaged them, completed them in the 4th dimension and then gave them life as living, moving insects in the 3rd dimension. They were programmed by their creators to understand their small world, to sustain and feed themselves, to have a purpose in this world of plants and to reproduce. They lived peacefully and many, like the butterflies, were very beautiful to behold.

We rejoiced in their life and our accomplishment and thanked the Universe.

Please meditate on the above creation story and don’t forget to share it with your friends and direct them to our website:  www.archeinternational.org.

Love and Peace,

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