On Universal Law

Dear friends of Arche,

The conscious self or soul is an aspect of our Universal or High self. As such it is the seat of Divine Intellect in every cell. It has unlimited reasoning ability and access to Divine knowledge and wisdom. This is so today, as it was in the beginning when we used it to create life on the planet. Divine knowledge and reasoning was our creative power and it allowed us to determine every aspect of our creations. A tedious process to be sure, but a process so precise, so totally aligned with Universal law, that every creation was a success and flourished.

Pure intellect has the ability to create anything and everything out of energy and consciousness. It devised a few systems, after which to model  everything in the Universe. For example: our greater Universe initiated many star systems. Each of these systems was divided into galaxies. They had one or several suns, with planetary systems magnetically attached and revolving, as well as moons revolving around the planets. Of course, it is more detailed and complex than this, but the basic structure is the same throughout the Universe. All the systems are linked, yet they are separate and different in expression.

Now let’s look at a smaller Universe–the human body. We have a cardiovascular system, a nervous system, a hormone system and on and on. Each of these systems has a job in the body, they work together to sustain their Universe, yet they are different. For example: we can’t transplant a piece of liver into a pancreas or kidney, even though they are of the same system. It won’t work. Every part of our system is precise in design and function, yet they work together perfectly, as long as we don’t interfere or disturb the system. It’s the law!!

Now let’s take a mouse. Oh, it’s the same precise system, just much smaller, which is why our scientists can use animals to learn from and practice on and develop healing methods for our bodies.

BIG LESSON:–all is well as long as we stay within Universal law. Everything has already been thought out and created in a perfect way. So why is the planet in chaos???  Because we don’t follow the law.   We don’t even want to eat what the body needs. When we disturb the system, interfere with Universal law, the body doesn’t work, it gets sick.

We could stop the teachings right here and now, because if you follow the directive, your life works. Still, we promised you on the website that we would help you to have a better life here and in the hereafter—guaranteed! Therefore we will follow through on this and trust you will too.  There still are many more good things we can add to our lives and our planet.

The changes for you, personally, will be phenomenal and they will totally bring about a new, peaceful, happy and healthy world, if you allow it and if you will help. Please help us to reach more people with this message by directing them to this site and to our website at:  www.archeinternational.org.  Also, please click here to make a contribution.

Thank you and God bless you.


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