New Perspectives

Dear friends of Arche,

Much time passed again as our life wave observed their creations. The planet moved further away from the sun. Some of our huge animals needed more warmth  and left the planet. Numerous various dinosaurs became extinct. Some were replaced by mammals with fur. Smaller species found underground homes and are still with us as reptiles. Yet others lived in the water part of the time–and some of them are still here as well, i.e. our crocodiles and alligators. Changes in climate affected all life on the planet, even the plants. Only the hardier ones survived.

Still the planet was beautiful and well populated. We observed the changing of the seasons with all the plants going through their cyclic changes only to return to their beauty and productiveness after a period of rest. They observed  the many species of animals, as they each established their prescribed life cycles and reproduced.

One of the most interesting and exciting things the life-wave observed was the development of the animals consciousness. We had created them with the limited consciousness they would need for survival but did not expect the wide range of expression that would have. We saw communication and emotions evolving. We saw that different species of animals displayed different behavior and different reactions to life.  There were reactions to the sun, the changing weather, different sounds, various tastes of food.  After a while we could predict how a bird or a deer would react different to natural disasters, to abundance or lack of food, to others invading their territory, etc.

We could see relationships evolving, their protection or playfulness with their young, their mating rituals.

Altogether the animals turned out not only to be their creations, but they had a life of their own and some ability to create what they needed in their lives, like shelter– a place to be safe and sleep. Each species had their own interesting qualities, no matter if they lived on land or in the sea or were able to fly. The creators thought how  interesting and fun it would be, to experience this; to glide through the waters or the air, to preen ones feathers, or to just walk through the forest in the sunshine. So many possibilities and another challenge to create for the life-wave.

Let me explain our term “life-wave”. Earlier we stated that the Universe consists of energy and consciousness. All subsequent things are part of this great Oneness. A number of these Universal cells (for example- a billion) decided to embark on this project of creating life on this great planet. That number of individual Universal cells is a “life-wave”. Everything they create has the consciousness of the Universe and therefore is part of the Oneness in different expressions.  No cell can be anything less than Universal–or GOD.

Of course there are other life-waves, parts of the Universe that created in other galaxies, etc.

At this time we only concern ourselves with the life-wave, who created life on our planet and is now observing their creations.

Keep in mind, that all manifest creation in the 3rd dimension functions as a copy or illusion of our initial creation in the 4th dimension–also called Astral plane. Anything 3rd dimensional can be destroyed by us or any means. The 4th dimension is permanent and becomes a part of our Universe in energy and consciousness.

You now have much to contemplate. Your meditation will fill in the gaps, so you MUST meditate, especially on the things that are new to you or are not completely clear. All subsequent teachings are based on what you have learned already and you must understand it.

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Love and Peace,

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