My Dear Friends,

Meditation is an active thought process which we, the soul or middle self, initiate, to get in touch with our spiritual or high self. This high self is a part of the total universal mind and has access to all Divine knowledge and wisdom. By asking it our spiritual questions, we get answers on our level of understanding.

To acquire tapes on Meditation or the Levels of consciousness, go to our website:  Tapes are free to our graduates and past and present students.

After knowing who and what the Universe is, the biggest and most important item is creation.
Know that we, and other Universal units or entities, created everything out of whom and what we are.  Quite an accomplishment!–or is it? Meditate on how things came about. They did not evolve. They were created.

If we can raise the money, we will demonstrate the process in little snippets of creation. Perhaps a few- or a hundred- will help you to understand Divine Creation as well, as your part as a Divine Creator. You must meditate on each one, to get the full and different meanings.


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