Hundreds of thousands of years passed and the birds had settled in, taken their place on this beautiful planet. The creators admired their work and found that there was one more life form to create in order to fill the gap between creatures in the water, on the ground and those who could fly.

And they created various creatures that would walk on the planet on two or four paws. There were very large and very tiny animals.   These animals could use their front paws to handle things, to build shelter, to care for their young and to feed themselves.

They all had the same body systems, same or similar anatomy and physiology. They would give birth to their young and raise them in families and communities. They were able to hunt and feed on smaller animals or gather plants and fruit to eat, or both. Species and subspecies were totally separate and different, and yet totally alike. Their different sizes filled in the gaps between the very small creatures and the birds—from a tiny mouse, big and small cats, simians and many more to the giant dinosaurs. There was a beautiful balance and a great variety on the planet now. Some species were not suited and became extinct, to be replaced by other, more suitable animals. Many developed surprising understanding of their surroundings and other species and grew and protected themselves for their survival.  They breathed the oxygen surrounding the planet for energy.

We were pleased with our creations, as was the Universe and we watched in wonder how our life forms lived and procreated. We had managed to create all life forms with the same set of systems, with small differences. Also, all of them, from the tiniest bug, fish, bird or mammal reproduced using the eggs in their system. The egg was the beginning of all reproduction (so complex and yet so simple!).

We thanked the Universe for our genius in creation and praised God.


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