Levels of Consciousness I, the HIGH SELF or Superconscious

Dear Friends of Arche,

By now you will have listened to your CD, and meditated on the Levels of Consciousness. It is the most important thing you will learn in this life, because understanding and integrating this information gives you power, Ultimate Power, Divine Power. It is the basis to our existence here and everything we think, do, create or are involved in , is controlled by one or several levels of consciousness, which puts you in charge of your life. It also tells you precisely what is going on with the other people on the planet and, specifically, those you have to deal with. This also helps you, because you now understand them and treat them accordingly.

Here are  a few more thoughts on the subject. Because the High Self is the least understood, let’s look at your chart and the guidelines.

HIGH SELF or Superconscious:

  • Divine part of man
  • Seat of spiritual conscience
  • Higher or Spiritual Intuition
  • Faith

What does all this mean? It establishes again that we are a cell of the Divinity of the Universe. We are a part of the Universe and in this instance, we stand alone. It’s consciousness created everything we wanted, including our strange existence.

This does not mean that the High Self is in any way involved in our day -to-day existence, it simply IS, our Divine consciousness and it observes our life. It does not interfere, interact, praise or punish. It just IS our Supreme Being and Power. This can be difficult for us to understand, as we are programmed to think of ourselves as having to experience and express. This part of you does not fix anything or rescue anyone. It just observes it’s extension, the Soul, in it’s experience and expression. It is as pure and complete in it’s Divinity as the greater Universe, the Godhead, your Divine origin. When we refer to the Oneness, it is because everything we are in any expression is part of the One and no one can ever diminish it. Everything our Soul created is also of Divine origin, but in a different or lesser expression. It still is of energy and consciousness and part of a polarity. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.

Among the Divine attributes of our High Self, such as Divine Love, Power, Wisdom, etc., we also list Faith. Faith is not to be confused with belief, which is an attribute of the subconscious. Faith is the absolute spiritual knowing of Divine Truth. In Faith we understand the Universe and because of Faith we have absolute access to all Divine attributes and powers.

Please meditate on this, so you will never doubt your Divinity and your Power.

We have Faith–absolutely know–that you want to share this valuable knowledge with other Souls on the planet and that you will help us do this with your contributions by clicking here.  You can use your credit card. Thank you and God bless you.

Love and Peace,


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