Just a Note….

We have finished our introduction to the program and laid the foundation to an unusual learning experience. Unusual, because it is TRUTH. Scientists have much of this information and so do religions. Politics and education also have much of it, but they too,  refuse to pass it on. Instead, they mention bits and pieces out of context, misinterpret ancient texts and wisdom and often corrupt truth, as it was brought to us by compassionate avatars , as well as other leaders and rescuers.

It may take time for you to get used to Universal truth in your life and to accept it over the belief systems you have been taught. Most of this truth can be substantiated by research.All of it will also manifest in your meditations. That’s why we ask you to meditate. There is no substitute.

You may not be comfortable with some of the truth presented, or you may even be outright shocked.

Just remember that it will change your lives here and in the hereafter into the Divine Expression you are and no one can ever take Universal Truth away from you, because it is already a part of you.

Please meditate. Have a pleasant journey and welcome home!!!

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