The souls who stayed behind to observe tried in vain to communicate with the souls who had incarnated into human babies. Their telepathic connections reached them, but there were no answers. The incarnates were silent.. They could no longer communicate  through their barriers. Their intellect was no longer functioning on their unlimited levels. They did not know this, but they would have to earn some of that ability back over thousands of years. Of course, if they were to cut their attachment to the humans and  move on,  their Divine abilities would return. They were not lost, because the soul can never lose them.However, they were obscured, safely locked in the Universal Mind, so they could not interfere with that totally different polarity, the animal kingdom.

It made sense. They could now experience and express on the human/animal level. No longer on the outside, they experienced hunger, pain, hot, cold and they could taste that food and water and feel the ground under their feet.

It was a new life for the souls, but not what they had expected. They also felt pain and need. They had to build shelter and hunt or gather food, to keep their body alive. It was not all roses,but they did not notice the differences between good or bad, easy or difficult, because they were no longer the observer, but thought they were the human. They still think that, after millions of years of growth and evolution. They had forgotten their reality, their spiritual identity. They did not see their lives as a created illusion. Like a character on the stage they pretended to be human, but they didn’t know that they pretended. They thought this was their reality now. The observers frantically looked for ways to reach them and many years passed. The human race developed as a higher race of animals for a time, much as we see dolphins and parrots today. They are a smarter animal consciousness (without our soul) and they can understand humans better than a deer or an eagle.

Eventually, the animal consciousness and the souls had their differences and sharing that body was not always a peaceful and comfortable life. We didn’t know why. After all, we didn’t have a clue about the animal consciousness and thought it would be like us. The animal had similar conflicting thoughts and only know that something was wrong, something had been added and it didn’t express in harmony with life as it had been. They had no common language, but were able to establish a limited telepathic relationship as other animals did among themselves. Other changes had to come, but they were slow in evolving, as living in two polarities didn’t allow much creative freedom. More on this next time.

Love and Peace, Rosita

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