Incarnation, Part 3

Dear Friends of Arche,

Since their other ideas had failed to bring the souls home, the Rescuers would try yet another risky maneuver to accomplish their mission. They thought if some of them  incarnated into a human, they would be closer and more successful in reaching and persuading the lost souls.

And so, a group of them stepped into human bodies. They had retained more of their identity and intellect, because of their noble mission. Also, stepping into a body is not an incarnation and the “walk-in” therefore had more access to Divine Mind. Their Grace also allowed them to be more objective and they saw the human condition for what it was—a well established habit now; in fact, an addiction. Humans felt compelled to re-incarnate and to identify as humans

The Rescuers too, were intrigued with this strange life, but still determined to bring more souls home. This worked for some of them, between life times, when they languished on the astral plane. But most of them stayed with their human and the Rescuers were forced to spend more and more time with the humans. Gradually, they too incarnated, thinking it would give them an extra edge.Their protectors stood by to aid them, but could not interfere. Eventually, many Rescuers kept re-incarnating, trying to reach souls. Their quest to rescue also turned into habit and, eventually into addiction, even though they still pursued their purpose.

As time passed, with many Rescuers incarnated, it appeared that their fate was sealed too.They would incarnate for many generations. Eventually, they would help humanity in many different ways, but they rarely had an opportunity to rescue any souls.

Much, much later, when some of the great teachers and avatars, like Krishna, Buddha or Jesus appeared on a rescue mission, the original Rescuers aided them to convince  the more advanced souls living in humans to resurrect; to leave the body behind and come home. Each time a great teacher appeared, they reached many souls, until a corrupt religion would stop the Divine mission. However, in the beginning these occasions were rare and the souls were almost asleep in their animal lives and did not know that they could leave.

Many changes had to occur, before some consciousness would be restored.  One of the most important things was the lack of communication between the human and the Soul. Also, there had to be some identification, because they still did not know, why the other was there. Many other things were missing. In the meantime, life revolved around keeping the body alive and reproducing. (it still does, for many).

Think this through and even though it may seem all too familiar, remember that humanity still lived in a primitive state, without all the choices we have today.

Love and Peace,


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