Incarnation, Part 2

Dear Friends of Arche,

After many centuries it became clear to the Observers that the incarnated souls were not returning, that they were unable to return. They appeared trapped in the humans and some had now incarnated  with the same human  repeatedly. The Observers wondered, if an intervention would bring these souls back. It would be risky, but the Observers thought they understood the problem now and would be able to rescue these lost souls.

A large group of very brave, very determined and dedicated souls entered the Earth plane and searched for entities, who had not yet  incarnated or did so only once. They found some and tried to explain their dilemma. The souls that they approached were unable to comprehend their problems, for the most part. Some followed the Rescuers anyway and rejoined their life wave. Many others wanted to continue their experiences. They remained with their human.

Some Rescuers approached  established incarnates. They met wit resistance. Again, they did not have enough reasoning power to understand the problem. They looked at the Divine Rescuers as intruders, as trouble makers. Also, by that time they thought they were human, so there was no need to go anywhere else.

The Rescuers searched on and often simply returned empty-handed. They did not give up. They made new plans and returned to implement them.

Some of the Rescuers, who had been successful in bringing a soul home, also returned to save more of them.

It was a difficult and tedious task, that appeared to have only limited success. They thought that in time, they would learn more and convince the rest of the incarnates to come home to their Divine origin; come home to reclaim their mental abilities and their spiritual expression. They failed to bring the incarnates home and the human race grew in numbers and in expression. They lived on groups or tribes and established life styles for their survival.

The groups often quarreled  with each other, because the intellect of the soul tried to improve life. Different humans had different ideas and they often lost or destroyed the very things they wanted to create. They also lost or destroyed the simple life the original humans had, by interfering with it. Other animals, not invaded by a soul, lived their peaceful and programmed life.

There still had to be a way to bring the lost souls home. We’ll talk about that next.

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