First Assignment

Dear Friends of Arche:

Thank you for telling your friends about us. Any information and help we can extend depends on your participation, on your making people aware of us and of what we can do for them. In a relatively short period of time we can help people find their spiritual path and purpose. No lies, no fairy tales-just straight forward information.  No, it isn’t rocket science either. God speaks to all his children in a language they can understand, to glorify Him and themselves.

A wonderful additional benefit to our spiritual growth is a MUCH better life on this planet right now. These spiritual and personal benefits are an absolute guarantee, if you do your part: stay tuned, meditate on concepts that are new or unfamiliar to you and apply what you learned to your life.

We are currently working on our website– and will soon have more information to offer there too. Please keep looking and reading what is posted there already.

Let’s start with a first assignment to meditate on. Consider this: the Universe is our God. It consists of energy and consciousness.

Think this through, meditate on it. It is the basis to your Universal, Divine Knowledge. We are not asking you to believe, but to meditate and KNOW.

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