Dear Friends,

It is time to return to our place in the Universe. We are that particle of energy and of consciousness, which make up the Godhead of our greater Universe. Therefore, we can express as the great Cosmos, an individual Divine cell, or a group of such cells as we choose.

Any expression of Universal Energy revitalizes the Universe.

Any expression of Universal Consciousness increases its Wisdom and Creativity.

And so, all Universal cells or units are engaged in experience and expression to expand and enhance the Universe or GLORIFY GOD.

We make the Universe grow in Power and Wisdom and so glorify God! There is no greater purpose but to glorify God.

Now that you know this greatest secret of all creation, you can call it what you like in your prayers and requests. Call it Universe, God, Lord or anything else you use to define the Highest Power.

It is important that you meditate on this. All of our other Universal Knowledge is based on understanding this–our relationship to God.

I hope you enjoy our lessons. More than that, I know that they will enhance your life and your spiritual path. We want everyone, everywhere to know how the Universe works and what our Divine place in it is. We don’t charge for this, because we don’t want anyone deprived of this knowledge. Still, we have to cover our expenses and hope that you will help us by donating to Arche International. No amount is too large or too small. Thank you for your help. Simply¬†click here to support Arche.

Love and Peace,


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