The Experiment, Continued

Dear Friends of Arche,

The experiment continued, with many souls of the creating life wave living with a human, though not incarnated. They observed many wondrous and exciting things about humans. Unfortunately, they still were unable to have the human experience.

Their relationship with the human was much like our relationship with a beloved pet. Our cat, our dog or bird are very attuned to us and can interact with us. They communicate with us. They play with us. They are affectionate. And yes, they are trainable. Many pets delight in answering our commands and often try to immidate us. They have distinct personalities. We can observe all this and yet, we can not truly interact; feeling what they feel, tasting what they taste, experiencing physical sensations, such as pain, heat or cold, pleasure. There had to be a better way.

And there was. We simply walked into the body we had created and found we attained yet a better understanding of the human. We still didn’t experience  most of the things we wanted, but we became interested in creating a better environment, finding better food and fun things to do. In fact, our Divine Mind thought of many ways tp improve the human life.

Some of these souls returned to their life wave after a time, satisfied that they had had a succesful experience. Many others stayed with their human  for the rest of that life. They were curious and excited and returned with their companion in the next incarnation, after that human had left that life.

It was then that their plans took an unexpected turn. Incarnating into that tiny human being brought about two things:

  1. a permanent attachment to the human/animal entity, whhich meant that they would share this whole incarnation and all the experiences in this world together.
  2. At this infants first breath, human life as we know it, started and the souls Divine Powers were limited, as no Divine entity could be represented in anything less than their Divinity, their own polarity. No animal with limited reasoning ability could have Divine Powers. They were after all, just our creations, blessed with a life stream of their own.

The soul could live in this body that the animal consciousness controlled, but it would not have access to it’s higher powers, while it was a tenant in an animal. That’s Universal Law and the many souls who gradually incarnated with the next generations of humans had to abide by that.

Please meditate on this, as we will continue this journey next time.

Love and Peace, Rosita

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