Different Races

Dear Friends of Arche,

Now that we know how we learned to communicate on this planet, there are still a few points to make on the progress of communication and about the different people who had to learn it.

Remember, we stated earlier that our incarnations occurred a very long time ago and on a very different, much larger planet, which was in this climate range then. Many races of humans came and went since then and we don’t think that any of the original humans are still present. Great disasters destroyed nearly everything at the end of several naronic ages and the human race had to start all over again. This would have been a good time to quit, but by then the addiction was too strong and they built on what was in their memory bank.

Eventually, the original planet moved out of the climate range. The race was sufficiently advanced by then and moved a sizable portion of the population to the next planet, entering the climate range we need for life. Over the many thousands of years, that process was repeated every time we could no longer occupy that planet. At this time, our scientists have already colonized a small belt ( 8 miles wide) on Venus in preparation for when we’ll have  to relocate. The rest of Venus is still too hot, to close to the sun. We still have almost 100,000 years left on Earth.

This information does not directly contribute to our spiritual development, but I hope it answers some questions about our history as humans, our Universe, our God.

There is more to our history, but for this segment we’ll confine it to the planet Earth and this naronic age.

Some people wonder, where our present different races come from. Early in this age and even in the most recent past age, humans from other planets in this Galaxy, and some from this solar system, also had to leave their planet. Some had destroyed their planet. Earth had the climate they needed and an additional advantage. It had great continents, isolated by vast oceans. This was ideal. They placed one race into Africa, where they could continue to develop at their own pace. Another race from a more advanced planet was placed into Asia, far away from everywhere else. Another into Europe and so on.No one knows for sure how many were placed, or when. Some of the races became extinct, because Earth did nor meet their requirements.

It was not until the Europeans invented and built great ships, that could cross the vast oceans, that we found other people. History tells us that Marco Polo found China on his explorer voyage. He was amazed to find a race that looked different and was very advanced. Among other things, they had paper and a written language.

Our native American Indians were not found until Europeans colonized this continent. At that time there were more than 115 tribes around the country, safe on their continent, until the settlers arrived.

At the beginning of this age, there were two major races/nations on Earth. The Lemurians, a brown race, that occupied a continent in the Pacific, which later broke up into what we now know as the South Pacific Islands. Before the destruction of their continent, the leadership moved most of the population and it’s leaders along the Nile, becoming what we know now as ancient Egypt. Most of those who stayed behind made their way to Central and South America and are known as their Indian Tribes. I’m sure some of our Indians originated in Lemuria.

The other major race were the Atlanteans, a blond, blue eyed race, that settled around the Atlantic Ocean. They came from the Plaiedies in our Galaxy.

They lived by entirely different philosophies, which they obviously brought from their home planets. The Lemurians were an advanced race, who was moving their population along on a spiritual path, with resurrection as the goal.

The Atlanteans were a technologically advanced race, with no spiritual goals. They developed the people’s SC, so they could produce a greater society and more manifestation. The two nations did not interact.

Who are all these humans we are talking about here? They come from planets where they made the same mistake we made–they incarnated. They are on vastly different levels of understanding, but they are on the same path to self-realiztion and enlightenment, as we are.So, we are just one human race under God.

There are some minor genetic differences between the races, but their Soul, their Divine Being, is the same.

I hope this answers some questions. Please meditate.

Love and Peace,



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