Creation of Flowers

Now that we had found the perfect place for our creations, it was time to decide on the kind of life we wanted to manifest and in what order. Oh, the many choices! Our Universal group–you know now that the Universal Entities we spoke of was OUR group of consciousness–divided into smaller groups of entities, who each chose particular life forms to create.

They decided to first create beauty and sustenance for the first life forms to come. And so, the first flower was created. What wonder, what beauty, what fragrance! It had been so simple; imaging it; forming it in shadowy, 4th dimensional form. After they were satisfied with their initial creation, they gave it life. They connected it to the life sources on the planet. The roots grounded in soil for nourishment, water to fill out the body and air to breathe. This gave the flower substance and made it into a solid (3rd dimensional), beautiful, fragrant manifestation, we now call a flower. The whole community rejoiced at their great and beautiful accomplishment and they thanked the greater Universe and praised God.

Their thanks resulted in more flowers, more abundance, as the Universe (God) multiplies and increases all things we acknowledge. Other groups of our entities thought of different colors and different shapes and together they created a wide variety of flowers to grow everywhere. Many types of flowers flourished in the plains, the valleys and the mountains. They had various life cycles, dependent mostly on the regional climate, sources of water and availability of oxygen.

And so, our ancient life wave had started to create the first life on this planet they had chosen. These creations glorified God, as all of our works do. Meditating on this greatest of Joys will carry you to new heights and open the door to your own creative thoughts of things to come. Please give your friends the opportunity to rejoice as well and direct them to our website for more inspiration:



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