Creation, continued

Dear friends of Arche,

We now have many galaxies with their numerous solar systems available to explore and develop. These systems are made of the elements of earth, fire and water, which were created out of energy and consciousness. Of course, these systems have consciousness to sustain them and to express. All creation is life–therefore consciousness. In a later post we will give you examples of how we know this.

For right now, we just have to accept the vast numbers of such systems, which can all be used for some type of experience and expression. Many of their stars were eventually populated by Universal Entities, who continued to create life expressions. We do not know all of their creations, nor do we understand them. Also, they are not relevant to our experience of creation, our expression or our conscious direction. They are self-contained in their parts of the Universe–as are we.

Our experience and expression will unfold in our galaxy and, specifically on the planets of our solar system. This is quite enough to absorb, but as you will see, it all fits neatly into the general Universal plan of creation and is governed by the same Universal Laws as all other life in the Universe.

Please scale this down and think about it carefully, because our next lessons are based on your understanding these basic principles.

Love and Peace,


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