Dear Friends of Arche,

Now we know what the scriptures warned us about, but it was too late.  Or was it? Our Oneness with the Universe assures that it is never too late. It may be difficult and take a long time to right our mistakes, but we will always be part of the Universe.That includes both polarities. They too are a Divine part of balance in our Universe. even though one polarity is vastly different from the other, they are both Divine. Remember, as we said before: nothing is less than anything else. We use our free will to decide if we want to live in the manifestation or the spirit. Over time, if we wish, we can change that. We can serve the Universe in both capacities, but not at the same time.

That brings us back to facts: we ARE living with an animal consciousness and need to find a way to communicate. We did several things. We learned to make sounds, which eventually turned into syllables, words and expressions  of thought in simple form. We built a “thought bridge” for the subconscious to make it’s simple requests to the Soul and for the Soul to guide and direct the SC. We just made a working unit out of two very differet entities. It would have to do until both of us had grown up more in our separate consciousness and could make better decisions.

We now call this “thought bridge” our  ego. Over the centuries we found more uses for the ego, but it is still the communicator, helping us to function in a “now”, very complex existence. We also built our language skills. They differed from tribe to tribe, but all learned to put their thoughts, their needs and their expressions into words. This was huge progress and moved even primitive humanity forward.

To be clear, the  animal consciousness ruled the body and was very young in reasoning ability

The Soul, a mere tenant in this body had very advanced reasoning and could make decisions, solve problems and finally, have all the experiences it had hoped for in the manifestation.

The ego is NOT an entity, but a thought form created to communicate for both entities. Eventually, it would be able to communicate with other humans as well. It’s reasoning was a little higher than the SC, but not anywhere near the reasoning of the Soul. The ego has no power of it’s own and has to ask the SC or Soul, if it wants to manifest or do anything.

Early man, or what we consider primitive now, came to understand the structure very well. All known tribes speak with their SC as an inner voice. They also prayed to their higher being. This gave them peace and confidence to survive.

We are just now starting  to relearn these skills, though young children speak to their inner voices all the time.

For much more detail and to get to know YOUR SC., please order our CD on the PRINCIPLES  of CONSCIOUSNESS. It will also help you to understand future lessons.

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Love and Peace,


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