At Peace

Dear Friends of Arche,

At peace at last. Thousands of years passed again, during which many changes occurred. Each planet in the solar system has cycles, depending on its size and its proximity to the sun. These cycles are repetitive and magnetically controlled. They are called “naronic cycles.”  For example, our planet Earth’s naronic cycle is approximately 26,000 years long. At the end of each cycle or age the planets experience massive upheaval, which often leaves a planet barren(as on Mars) and with little manifest life left. Those left behind have to start anew to build families, groups and societies, which can take many thousands of years.

Usually, about halfway through an age, the planet experiences other massive earth changes, which can also destroy or decimate life. On Earth the last two ages had to contend with an ice age, which destroyed a lot of life and civilization. The second half of the cycle is usually some sort of renaissance, both in nature and for the people left behind. Everyone gets to settle into a routine of recovery and growth. This eventually results in much “progress” by the end of the age.  Some cultural, some technological, some spiritual, etc. Sometimes, as in the present age, we help to destroy the planet with our progress at the end of the age. Sometimes we simply moved too fast and the system and the population could not keep pace. More often our subconscious and ego have become older and want to be in charge.  Their ideas are not according to the oneness of Universal law and they fight each other, contributing to the destruction and devastation of the end times.

We passed through several of such cycles and watched our creations go through the changes. Some life forms were completely wiped out by the changes and we replaced them with new or similar ones. Other planets which had moved further from the sun, resettled their populations on this planet for survival and we had new life to watch and study and learn from and we thanked the Universe.  At peace at last–for a time.

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