An Important Step

Dear friends of Arche,

With our notes on Universal Law we finished the foundation to understanding our Universe and improving our lives.

Next, we will discuss the all-important creation of the human entity as we know it. When we have integrated these lessons we can get on with the business of changing our lives, here and in the hereafter, because for the first time since we came to this planet, WE ARE IN CHARGE.  I know that this seems like too big a concept to tackle, but the Universe won’t let you down! If you learn the principles and apply them within Universal Law, you ARE the power to have and be what you want. It just takes a little effort, thought and consciousness on your part.

To date you have learned about your God, the Universe; about our polarity and free will; how to meditate; how to receive your requests from the Universe; about healing and other affirmations; about glorifying God; commanding the elements and about Universal Law.

This should contribute considerably to your life, your health and happiness. If you find all this information helpful, please help us to share more, MUCH more.

We need your help. Please click here to make your contribution.

Thank you and God bless you,

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