All About Plants

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Creation of flowers was a great success and other groups of entities were busy thinking of more original creations, like hundreds of types of grasses. Enough to carpet huge parts of the globe and also provide a great background for the flowers. Fruit bearing plants, like berries, vegetables and shrubs. And to provide some shade and more fruit, there were trees. Yes, there were many ideas and they were all manifested the same way: imaging the plant.  Creating it in a 4th dimensional form and then giving it life in a solid form. All parts of the Earth received plant life creations, even the seas. We created special sea plants for the great waters and the planet vibrated with the beauty of our creativity.

All plant life creations were created according to a special system. They produced seeds to replenish themselves. Flowers and fruit plants also produced pollen, which they could turn into the fruit or blossom they were programmed for. The wind helped carry pollen from plant to plant. All their roots were planted firmly into the ground, to have access to their food and water. The sun provided warmth and the motivation for fruit and vegetables to mature or ripen.

All this occurred in cycles, so the plants could rest and produce in a normal and timely manner. Different types of plants each lived by their own cycles in their own climates and surroundings. They lived peacefully and beautifully. We had created a wonderful base for our planet and we watched it live and express and thanked the Universe.

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