A snippet about Creation

Dear Friends of Arche,

You now realize that you can never go back to not knowing about your power. Your life will never be the same.

I promised you snippets of creation. Here is one:

Many years ago, my partner Tom Hanauer and I used to lecture on healing. at the end of the lecture we would ask everyone to stand up and shout ” I am healed” for about ten minutes. This was a simple affirmation to heal anything in the body in need of healing. Tom and I were on the stage, leading several hundred people in this chant. We never touched anyone.

Then, amazing things happened: some people got out of wheelchairs and could walk; others could use paralyzed limbs; some regained their sight, some lost their pain and so on. They left crying with joy and celebrating.

We would hear from these audiences for up to weeks and months later, telling us of more healings, from wounds to colds to cancer.

Most of these people thought the healings were miracles or that we were the miracle healers. But the simple truth is that they healed themselves. They stated their request in a positive manner and as an accomplished fact and their Universe healed them. Talk about power! All that is needed is for you to be grateful and express this and the Universe is ready for your next request.

This is only one of hundreds of examples we could give you about your creative powers. We have much more to do, but will add these snippets from time to time.  In the meantime, please meditate on this. We have much misinformation to overcome and your meditations will help with that.

We just talked about healing, but there are many other areas in our lives where shouting an affirmation also works. Tom and I taught for a motivational school in the early years. We taught all levels of management, sales representatives, sports coaches, etc. All of these people and their organizations used shouted affirmations to succeed in their work. We can make up many different affirmations, but a simple “I will win” would work for all of the above and is still used at sales meetings.  The universe responds and “We will win.” Our subconscious gets motivated and helps us to manifest the “WIN.” Thank you Universe!

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