Levels of Consciousness I, the HIGH SELF or Superconscious

Dear Friends of Arche,

By now you will have listened to your CD, and meditated on the Levels of Consciousness. It is the most important thing you will learn in this life, because understanding and integrating this information gives you power, Ultimate Power, Divine Power. It is the basis to our existence here and everything we think, do, create or are involved in , is controlled by one or several levels of consciousness, which puts you in charge of your life. It also tells you precisely what is going on with the other people on the planet and, specifically, those you have to deal with. This also helps you, because you now understand them and treat them accordingly.

Here are  a few more thoughts on the subject. Because the High Self is the least understood, let’s look at your chart and the guidelines.

HIGH SELF or Superconscious:

  • Divine part of man
  • Seat of spiritual conscience
  • Higher or Spiritual Intuition
  • Faith

What does all this mean? It establishes again that we are a cell of the Divinity of the Universe. We are a part of the Universe and in this instance, we stand alone. It’s consciousness created everything we wanted, including our strange existence.

This does not mean that the High Self is in any way involved in our day -to-day existence, it simply IS, our Divine consciousness and it observes our life. It does not interfere, interact, praise or punish. It just IS our Supreme Being and Power. This can be difficult for us to understand, as we are programmed to think of ourselves as having to experience and express. This part of you does not fix anything or rescue anyone. It just observes it’s extension, the Soul, in it’s experience and expression. It is as pure and complete in it’s Divinity as the greater Universe, the Godhead, your Divine origin. When we refer to the Oneness, it is because everything we are in any expression is part of the One and no one can ever diminish it. Everything our Soul created is also of Divine origin, but in a different or lesser expression. It still is of energy and consciousness and part of a polarity. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.

Among the Divine attributes of our High Self, such as Divine Love, Power, Wisdom, etc., we also list Faith. Faith is not to be confused with belief, which is an attribute of the subconscious. Faith is the absolute spiritual knowing of Divine Truth. In Faith we understand the Universe and because of Faith we have absolute access to all Divine attributes and powers.

Please meditate on this, so you will never doubt your Divinity and your Power.

We have Faith–absolutely know–that you want to share this valuable knowledge with other Souls on the planet and that you will help us do this with your contributions by clicking here.  You can use your credit card. Thank you and God bless you.

Love and Peace,


The Solution

Dear friends of Arche,

So you say you don’t participate in any demonstrations or other  dangerous group activities. What about the ugliness and anger so many of us get drawn into just in our families?  The fights with a spouse or a lover or your parents or children? What about making ourselves and others miserable at work? What about anything from road rage to murder, or indiscriminate shootings of others–just because they are there. All of this aggressive behavior in the last lesson and this one is, of course, related.

It’s really very simple. We, the intellect or Soul observe problems and injustices and we think we should step in and fix them. But these negative circumstances we are protesting or fighting about also came out of our duality.Out of our intellect creating something and expecting our SC  to carry it out, perfectly. When it can’t do that, we arouse it’s emotions to blame another—person, party, nation, etc.–and it manifests resistance to the condition we created that isn’t working. That produces the argument, demonstration,etc. and we put our two cents in again, to fix it. Of course, it doesn’t get fixed. It may get worse or it may change course for a time, but the damage is already done. We have come full circle, as we always do in these clashes with the other polarity.

As in our last lesson and all the future lessons on the planet, this can only be resolved through Divine Love. Or, we can continue the pain through eternity. As long as we are addressing the wrong polarity, it will NOT get better.

This does not mean that we are damned for eternity in this state, as some religions teach.There are several ways we can change the outcome for ourselves, individually, but the masses of people who continue their aggressive behavior—to win, to gain, to be right, even to help on their level–are trapped. As one of my favorite guitar legends, singer and composer,  Carlos Santana puts it: ” there is only Love”. That’s the solution.

The masses are trapped, until they too learn the great Truth, that the Buddha  taught us, that incarnation does not work. We’ll have to separate and move on.

As we come to understand our spirituality better and move into a higher state of self-realization, we can utilize Divine love to help ourselves and others. The Buddha issued only one commandment: ” above all you must have compassion”. Compassion is an aspect of Divine Love. The directive was to be compassionate with those who are still searching, instead of resisting and fighting them.

Jesus said:”love one another, as I have loved you”, meaning in His Divine Love for us. There was no other commandment. This would be enough for us to help one another. He did not direct us to Moses’ Ten Commandments, because they had done so much harm through religious misinterpretations and corruption. Later, Christian churches added the Ten Commandments again, to have more control over already confused Souls.

We have taken another small step in the right direction. There will be many more examples to assure your understanding of this subject on the Path. Please meditate on these thoughts, as this may be a new way of thinking for you. The subconscious is a creature of habit and would like to do what it already knows.  Therefore we have to be clear on any changes we want to implement and direct the SC according to our new understanding.

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Understanding the Consequences

Dear friends of Arche,

Our news coverage tells us of massive demonstrations in Egypt. Many thousands of people in the streets of Cairo and some killed in their anger and rage.

The same news comes out of Afghanistan–and more killed.

In Syria the leadership is killing their own people, hundreds of thousands of them.

In the USA there are huge demonstrations in every major city over the results of a trial. Ministers and community leaders plead with the crowds not to get violent, to remain peaceful, to avoid more problems.

If they knew how to be peaceful, they would not be out there. This is just a small sample of one week-end. There are dozens more demonstrations out there this week, and every week and it is getting worse. And we are not even talking about war. It is the result of what we said before: the two polarities are not compatible and they are not going to let the other be right or win.

What it would take to quell this ignorance and hatred is Love, unconditional Love. That’s just not possible in the world we described. It would take Divine Souls to manifest that. But Souls don’t manifest anything. They ARE Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, Divine Power, etc. The masses, who consist of 95% SC with some ego added, do not even understand Divine Love, let alone act on it.

Of course, there are evolved Souls, who understand the principle and often can control their own SC and ego. Some of them, who thought they can change the horror on this planet, paid with their lives for their compassion and their courage. From Krishna, Buddha and Jesus down to our more recent great rescuers, like Mahatma Ghandi, The Kennedy”s, the Rev. Dr. King and many others, they were reviled, tortured and in this age, assassinated.

There is ” no room in the Inn” for Christ consciousness or Divine love, then or now.

Why? Because Divine Love, then and now is of the opposite polarity. It does not fit into manifestation, no matter how much well-meaning and highly spiritual rescuers try to convince us to love everyone and to abandon hatred and violence.

Whenever there is a controversy as above, it is very easy for the masses of less developed humans to incite rage and violence. The others just follow. We will have many other examples in future writings, so we learn to determine  how the source motivats us and how to avoid the trap.

Incarnates do not have the understanding or the Divine Motivation to express Divine Love. There are glimpses of it in spiritually aware people, but they can not sustain the Divine Power, while engaged in the world manifestation. This is very difficult to understand for most people and might start another riot with others, but the facts are clear: we CAN NOT manifest Divine Love. It is against Universal Law.

There are many other positive expressions we can manifest from the subconscious level and to us they feel very good, very real like emotional attachments, human love/ affection, being “in love”, etc. In the older subconscious, these are it’s highest expressions and they help bond people in friendships and love relationships. They help us to be kind and generous to others and overall contribute to a good and positive quality of life.

In the animal kingdom we see the same warm, sweet and wonderful expressions. They, too, love each other, look out for each other and evolve a good quality of life. There is an important difference. They can maintain it, because they don’t have an ego and a Soul interfering. They stay within their space in Universal Law.

I know you can understand this lesson and it will become even clearer, as you meditate on it. I also know that you may have trouble accepting it. We have been programmed to think that we can change the Universe, if we just “TRY” hard enough, but we also know, that’s a lie!  We can’t change the Universe. The Buddha spent many years searching for the root of our suffering on Earth. He found it. His solution: self realization and no return to this condition. The Truth is Universal.

We have to shift gears to understand all of this and that takes serious thought on your part. God bless you.

Love and Peace,


Different Races

Dear Friends of Arche,

Now that we know how we learned to communicate on this planet, there are still a few points to make on the progress of communication and about the different people who had to learn it.

Remember, we stated earlier that our incarnations occurred a very long time ago and on a very different, much larger planet, which was in this climate range then. Many races of humans came and went since then and we don’t think that any of the original humans are still present. Great disasters destroyed nearly everything at the end of several naronic ages and the human race had to start all over again. This would have been a good time to quit, but by then the addiction was too strong and they built on what was in their memory bank.

Eventually, the original planet moved out of the climate range. The race was sufficiently advanced by then and moved a sizable portion of the population to the next planet, entering the climate range we need for life. Over the many thousands of years, that process was repeated every time we could no longer occupy that planet. At this time, our scientists have already colonized a small belt ( 8 miles wide) on Venus in preparation for when we’ll have  to relocate. The rest of Venus is still too hot, to close to the sun. We still have almost 100,000 years left on Earth.

This information does not directly contribute to our spiritual development, but I hope it answers some questions about our history as humans, our Universe, our God.

There is more to our history, but for this segment we’ll confine it to the planet Earth and this naronic age.

Some people wonder, where our present different races come from. Early in this age and even in the most recent past age, humans from other planets in this Galaxy, and some from this solar system, also had to leave their planet. Some had destroyed their planet. Earth had the climate they needed and an additional advantage. It had great continents, isolated by vast oceans. This was ideal. They placed one race into Africa, where they could continue to develop at their own pace. Another race from a more advanced planet was placed into Asia, far away from everywhere else. Another into Europe and so on.No one knows for sure how many were placed, or when. Some of the races became extinct, because Earth did nor meet their requirements.

It was not until the Europeans invented and built great ships, that could cross the vast oceans, that we found other people. History tells us that Marco Polo found China on his explorer voyage. He was amazed to find a race that looked different and was very advanced. Among other things, they had paper and a written language.

Our native American Indians were not found until Europeans colonized this continent. At that time there were more than 115 tribes around the country, safe on their continent, until the settlers arrived.

At the beginning of this age, there were two major races/nations on Earth. The Lemurians, a brown race, that occupied a continent in the Pacific, which later broke up into what we now know as the South Pacific Islands. Before the destruction of their continent, the leadership moved most of the population and it’s leaders along the Nile, becoming what we know now as ancient Egypt. Most of those who stayed behind made their way to Central and South America and are known as their Indian Tribes. I’m sure some of our Indians originated in Lemuria.

The other major race were the Atlanteans, a blond, blue eyed race, that settled around the Atlantic Ocean. They came from the Plaiedies in our Galaxy.

They lived by entirely different philosophies, which they obviously brought from their home planets. The Lemurians were an advanced race, who was moving their population along on a spiritual path, with resurrection as the goal.

The Atlanteans were a technologically advanced race, with no spiritual goals. They developed the people’s SC, so they could produce a greater society and more manifestation. The two nations did not interact.

Who are all these humans we are talking about here? They come from planets where they made the same mistake we made–they incarnated. They are on vastly different levels of understanding, but they are on the same path to self-realiztion and enlightenment, as we are.So, we are just one human race under God.

There are some minor genetic differences between the races, but their Soul, their Divine Being, is the same.

I hope this answers some questions. Please meditate.

Love and Peace,




Dear Friends of Arche,

Now we know what the scriptures warned us about, but it was too late.  Or was it? Our Oneness with the Universe assures that it is never too late. It may be difficult and take a long time to right our mistakes, but we will always be part of the Universe.That includes both polarities. They too are a Divine part of balance in our Universe. even though one polarity is vastly different from the other, they are both Divine. Remember, as we said before: nothing is less than anything else. We use our free will to decide if we want to live in the manifestation or the spirit. Over time, if we wish, we can change that. We can serve the Universe in both capacities, but not at the same time.

That brings us back to facts: we ARE living with an animal consciousness and need to find a way to communicate. We did several things. We learned to make sounds, which eventually turned into syllables, words and expressions  of thought in simple form. We built a “thought bridge” for the subconscious to make it’s simple requests to the Soul and for the Soul to guide and direct the SC. We just made a working unit out of two very differet entities. It would have to do until both of us had grown up more in our separate consciousness and could make better decisions.

We now call this “thought bridge” our  ego. Over the centuries we found more uses for the ego, but it is still the communicator, helping us to function in a “now”, very complex existence. We also built our language skills. They differed from tribe to tribe, but all learned to put their thoughts, their needs and their expressions into words. This was huge progress and moved even primitive humanity forward.

To be clear, the  animal consciousness ruled the body and was very young in reasoning ability

The Soul, a mere tenant in this body had very advanced reasoning and could make decisions, solve problems and finally, have all the experiences it had hoped for in the manifestation.

The ego is NOT an entity, but a thought form created to communicate for both entities. Eventually, it would be able to communicate with other humans as well. It’s reasoning was a little higher than the SC, but not anywhere near the reasoning of the Soul. The ego has no power of it’s own and has to ask the SC or Soul, if it wants to manifest or do anything.

Early man, or what we consider primitive now, came to understand the structure very well. All known tribes speak with their SC as an inner voice. They also prayed to their higher being. This gave them peace and confidence to survive.

We are just now starting  to relearn these skills, though young children speak to their inner voices all the time.

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Love and Peace,


The Great Transgression

Dear Friends of Arche,

With the incarnation of the Rescuers, the human race was permanently established. After each human life cycle, the body was discarded and the animal consciousness and soul re-incarnated again., together, into a newly reproduced little body. Between life times they spent time together on the astral plane to refresh and regenerate for a new life cycle. Like all other animals, our animal consciousness has a memory bank, where it stored away what it had learned in it’s last cycle. This helped it to function better in the next life and helped increase it’s awareness and reasoning ability.

The soul has no long-term memory bank. In it’s normal, Divine state, it merely has to think of something and all the answers to any problems are right there–in the Divine realm of the Universe. However, these powers are not available to the incarnate soul. Therefore, it too depends on the memories the animal consciousness (which we now call our subconscious )has stored for it’s survival.

These are two entirely different entities, trying to make one human life work; living in one body; having nothing in common, except that body. To make things worse, they can only communicate in the most primitive way and reason  on vastly different levels of understanding.  Surely this would be enough reason to call off the experiment and go their separate ways.

Unfortunately, both entities were largely unconscious and didn’t even know that there was anything wrong. Therefore they were doomed to many centuries of suffering, fighting and every negative expression possible, with no relief in sight.

The reason their problems were not “fixable” was that they had violated Universal Law. They were two distinct different polarities, trying to exist as one. We all know that this is not possible. We can only choose one polarity: either manifestation–in this case the animal, or Spirit–our Soul. They do not co-exist, except by mistake or force, and never in harmony and  at a very high price.

The only escape from this existence is consciousness, the discernment that we are in the wrong expression and need to go home to our Divine existence. Since were were almost totally unconscious, it would take a long time  and many great teachers to guide the Soul back to a spiritual path. Over time, the Rescuers mission would continue as well, but in a different way.

It is interesting that the Universe warned us  not to take this path and that this warning was preserved in Sacred writings, for us to see to this date. In the Old Testament, Genesis 2:17 we read:'” But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it:for in the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die.” We are talking of the spiritual life.

At no other time was the Soul threatened with death. This was serious. God knew that we could not understand or handle this law yet. Just stay away! A difficult thing to do for a curious mind with a free Will. Much to meditate on and to come to some important conclusions.

Love and Peace,


Incarnation, Part 3

Dear Friends of Arche,

Since their other ideas had failed to bring the souls home, the Rescuers would try yet another risky maneuver to accomplish their mission. They thought if some of them  incarnated into a human, they would be closer and more successful in reaching and persuading the lost souls.

And so, a group of them stepped into human bodies. They had retained more of their identity and intellect, because of their noble mission. Also, stepping into a body is not an incarnation and the “walk-in” therefore had more access to Divine Mind. Their Grace also allowed them to be more objective and they saw the human condition for what it was—a well established habit now; in fact, an addiction. Humans felt compelled to re-incarnate and to identify as humans

The Rescuers too, were intrigued with this strange life, but still determined to bring more souls home. This worked for some of them, between life times, when they languished on the astral plane. But most of them stayed with their human and the Rescuers were forced to spend more and more time with the humans. Gradually, they too incarnated, thinking it would give them an extra edge.Their protectors stood by to aid them, but could not interfere. Eventually, many Rescuers kept re-incarnating, trying to reach souls. Their quest to rescue also turned into habit and, eventually into addiction, even though they still pursued their purpose.

As time passed, with many Rescuers incarnated, it appeared that their fate was sealed too.They would incarnate for many generations. Eventually, they would help humanity in many different ways, but they rarely had an opportunity to rescue any souls.

Much, much later, when some of the great teachers and avatars, like Krishna, Buddha or Jesus appeared on a rescue mission, the original Rescuers aided them to convince  the more advanced souls living in humans to resurrect; to leave the body behind and come home. Each time a great teacher appeared, they reached many souls, until a corrupt religion would stop the Divine mission. However, in the beginning these occasions were rare and the souls were almost asleep in their animal lives and did not know that they could leave.

Many changes had to occur, before some consciousness would be restored.  One of the most important things was the lack of communication between the human and the Soul. Also, there had to be some identification, because they still did not know, why the other was there. Many other things were missing. In the meantime, life revolved around keeping the body alive and reproducing. (it still does, for many).

Think this through and even though it may seem all too familiar, remember that humanity still lived in a primitive state, without all the choices we have today.

Love and Peace,


Incarnation, Part 2

Dear Friends of Arche,

After many centuries it became clear to the Observers that the incarnated souls were not returning, that they were unable to return. They appeared trapped in the humans and some had now incarnated  with the same human  repeatedly. The Observers wondered, if an intervention would bring these souls back. It would be risky, but the Observers thought they understood the problem now and would be able to rescue these lost souls.

A large group of very brave, very determined and dedicated souls entered the Earth plane and searched for entities, who had not yet  incarnated or did so only once. They found some and tried to explain their dilemma. The souls that they approached were unable to comprehend their problems, for the most part. Some followed the Rescuers anyway and rejoined their life wave. Many others wanted to continue their experiences. They remained with their human.

Some Rescuers approached  established incarnates. They met wit resistance. Again, they did not have enough reasoning power to understand the problem. They looked at the Divine Rescuers as intruders, as trouble makers. Also, by that time they thought they were human, so there was no need to go anywhere else.

The Rescuers searched on and often simply returned empty-handed. They did not give up. They made new plans and returned to implement them.

Some of the Rescuers, who had been successful in bringing a soul home, also returned to save more of them.

It was a difficult and tedious task, that appeared to have only limited success. They thought that in time, they would learn more and convince the rest of the incarnates to come home to their Divine origin; come home to reclaim their mental abilities and their spiritual expression. They failed to bring the incarnates home and the human race grew in numbers and in expression. They lived on groups or tribes and established life styles for their survival.

The groups often quarreled  with each other, because the intellect of the soul tried to improve life. Different humans had different ideas and they often lost or destroyed the very things they wanted to create. They also lost or destroyed the simple life the original humans had, by interfering with it. Other animals, not invaded by a soul, lived their peaceful and programmed life.

There still had to be a way to bring the lost souls home. We’ll talk about that next.

Please don’t forget to meditate on this, as we have much more to add.

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Love and Peace,



The souls who stayed behind to observe tried in vain to communicate with the souls who had incarnated into human babies. Their telepathic connections reached them, but there were no answers. The incarnates were silent.. They could no longer communicate  through their barriers. Their intellect was no longer functioning on their unlimited levels. They did not know this, but they would have to earn some of that ability back over thousands of years. Of course, if they were to cut their attachment to the humans and  move on,  their Divine abilities would return. They were not lost, because the soul can never lose them.However, they were obscured, safely locked in the Universal Mind, so they could not interfere with that totally different polarity, the animal kingdom.

It made sense. They could now experience and express on the human/animal level. No longer on the outside, they experienced hunger, pain, hot, cold and they could taste that food and water and feel the ground under their feet.

It was a new life for the souls, but not what they had expected. They also felt pain and need. They had to build shelter and hunt or gather food, to keep their body alive. It was not all roses,but they did not notice the differences between good or bad, easy or difficult, because they were no longer the observer, but thought they were the human. They still think that, after millions of years of growth and evolution. They had forgotten their reality, their spiritual identity. They did not see their lives as a created illusion. Like a character on the stage they pretended to be human, but they didn’t know that they pretended. They thought this was their reality now. The observers frantically looked for ways to reach them and many years passed. The human race developed as a higher race of animals for a time, much as we see dolphins and parrots today. They are a smarter animal consciousness (without our soul) and they can understand humans better than a deer or an eagle.

Eventually, the animal consciousness and the souls had their differences and sharing that body was not always a peaceful and comfortable life. We didn’t know why. After all, we didn’t have a clue about the animal consciousness and thought it would be like us. The animal had similar conflicting thoughts and only know that something was wrong, something had been added and it didn’t express in harmony with life as it had been. They had no common language, but were able to establish a limited telepathic relationship as other animals did among themselves. Other changes had to come, but they were slow in evolving, as living in two polarities didn’t allow much creative freedom. More on this next time.

Love and Peace, Rosita

The Experiment, Continued

Dear Friends of Arche,

The experiment continued, with many souls of the creating life wave living with a human, though not incarnated. They observed many wondrous and exciting things about humans. Unfortunately, they still were unable to have the human experience.

Their relationship with the human was much like our relationship with a beloved pet. Our cat, our dog or bird are very attuned to us and can interact with us. They communicate with us. They play with us. They are affectionate. And yes, they are trainable. Many pets delight in answering our commands and often try to immidate us. They have distinct personalities. We can observe all this and yet, we can not truly interact; feeling what they feel, tasting what they taste, experiencing physical sensations, such as pain, heat or cold, pleasure. There had to be a better way.

And there was. We simply walked into the body we had created and found we attained yet a better understanding of the human. We still didn’t experience  most of the things we wanted, but we became interested in creating a better environment, finding better food and fun things to do. In fact, our Divine Mind thought of many ways tp improve the human life.

Some of these souls returned to their life wave after a time, satisfied that they had had a succesful experience. Many others stayed with their human  for the rest of that life. They were curious and excited and returned with their companion in the next incarnation, after that human had left that life.

It was then that their plans took an unexpected turn. Incarnating into that tiny human being brought about two things:

  1. a permanent attachment to the human/animal entity, whhich meant that they would share this whole incarnation and all the experiences in this world together.
  2. At this infants first breath, human life as we know it, started and the souls Divine Powers were limited, as no Divine entity could be represented in anything less than their Divinity, their own polarity. No animal with limited reasoning ability could have Divine Powers. They were after all, just our creations, blessed with a life stream of their own.

The soul could live in this body that the animal consciousness controlled, but it would not have access to it’s higher powers, while it was a tenant in an animal. That’s Universal Law and the many souls who gradually incarnated with the next generations of humans had to abide by that.

Please meditate on this, as we will continue this journey next time.

Love and Peace, Rosita