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ROSITA RODRIGUEZ, Ph.D. was an amazing Soul who blessed our lives in so many ways.  She was one of those once in a lifetime companions who enters your life and life is never the same again.  She was a Catalyst, urging us all to awaken the power within, move forward on our Spiritual Journey, and free ourselves to live our Highest expression, bringing Peace and Harmony to our lives, and Light and Love to the world.  She touched lives all over the planet and the ripple-effect of her teachings continues on through us, every time we open our Hearts to another.

I feel fortunate to have spent over 40 years with such a Great Soul.  She was my friend and teacher.  We traveled all over the world, sharing these beautiful truths.  Her dedication, wisdom, courage and unfaltering commitment to be of service, continues to inspire me to greater heights.  Rosita’s Light burned Brightly and although she has passed on to a different realm, and Arche International closed its doors, the Arche philosophy lives on in all the lives we touched and in the new ARCHE MEDITATION CENTER OF PURPOSE AND JOY.

We offer this website as a tribute to Rosita and encourage you to visit our new website, www.archemeditationcenter.com coming soon.  For information on Arche Meditation Center’s upcoming classes, you can contact me at archemeditation@gmail.com.  We have many exciting new programs to offer as well as the classes you’ve already experienced that helped you transform your life.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Many Blessings to You,

Sandy Daliege